Landscape Checklist for Spring

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As winter starts coming to a close, it’s important to start getting a landscape checklist ready for the spring, after all, you’re going to want to be prepared to get started on improving your landscape as soon as you’re able to. From cleaning to contacting your local Utah landscapers to begin planning new landscape designs for your home, there is a lot to do when the snow begins to melt and the temperatures finally begin to rise.

So, where do you start when it comes to preparing for the spring? Well, there is plenty to do before you contact the Utah landscapers at Mellco to help you create the landscape design of your dreams. Here is a landscape checklist for you to follow to get you on the right track.

Spring Clean Up

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to clean up the winter mess that you may have amassed. From leaves, dead plants and rocks, to other debris, you should make sure to clear your lawn of anything that is neither beneficial nor essential for your yard. A clean yard will make it easier for Utah landscapers to work their magic when you’re finally ready to get started on the renovation process.

Getting Your Equipment Serviced

Next, you’re going to want to get your landscape equipment serviced to make sure that you’re ready to maintain your lawn when necessary. Equipment includes lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whackers. These are all things that you’ll need to maintain your lawn during the warmer months and making sure that they work will help you stay one step ahead.

If they go without being serviced, they may break down; the last thing you want is broken equipment that needs pricey repairs.

Touch Ups

Touch ups on already existing landscape features such as rock retaining walls, walkways, pools and fire pits are going to be crucial in restoring them and preventing any future wear or damages. Our Utah landscapers here at Mellco can help with any touch-ups you may need on your landscape design, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Get Started on New Landscape Features

Once you’re ready, you can give our Utah landscapers a call and start planning your next big landscaping project. There is nothing more exciting than a new addition to your outdoor living space; you’ll be satisfied with the increase in the value of your home, as well as the aesthetically pleasing look! From a new firepit for those long summer nights to a pool to shelter from the hot summer sun, there are no limitations on what you can achieve with the help of our Utah landscapers.

Easy to Maintain Landscape Designs

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It’s hard for anyone to say that they don’t like their house surrounded by beautiful flowers — the outside of your home has extra color and even a nice fragrance. But, we get it…Landscaping isn’t your full-time job and getting to the yard-work on Saturdays is always challenging. However, there are several ways in which you can have a beautiful yard without much work involved. Here are a few pointers that any of the experienced landscapers Utah has to offer would be able to provide you with.

Native Plants

It doesn’t matter if you ask Utah landscapers or other landscapers, you’ll find that the majority will tell you to invest in plant-life that goes best with the local climate of your home. In Utah, we go through all four seasons and there are some flowers (we call them perennial plants) that can handle the spring, summer and fall climates. The Daylily, Iris, Chrysanthemum and Coneflower are some of the perennial flowers that can push through the elements of the season and stay healthy in your garden without much extra effort on your part! The more you fill your garden with these lower maintenance native plants, the less stress you’ll feel from taking care of your yard.

Potted Plants

When you utilize potted plants, you’ll see a dull corner next to your front door come to life! There really isn’t a lot to potted plants outside of finding the right size and spot for them, and then making sure you keep them watered. A lot of the times, Utah landscapers will find these guys in shaded areas — which is fine — as long as you make sure you purchase a plant that can handle partially shaded areas.

Mulch Beds

There is a lot of opinion out there about mulch beds but whether you like them or not, even the best landscaper Utah has to offer would admit that mulch helps keep your garden areas free from weeds. Mulch doesn’t just help you from having to reach down on hand and knees to pull out pesky weeds, but also helps fertilize the plants that they surround. When it comes to planting flowers and making sure your flowers stay healthy, there are not too many things that make keeping your flowers healthy than laying down a mulch bed.

Consider Artificial Turf

This idea may seem silly at first, especially if you grew up rolling across your lawn and getting grass stains, but turf really is such a luxury for those who want to eliminate yard maintenance. Think about it, you do not need to use sprinklers (cutting down your water bill), you do not need to fertilize, nor do you have to mow the lawn! Instead, you get to kick back and enjoy more hours on your Saturday (and maybe a little extra money in your pocket after all is said and done).

Making a Plan

The last pointer we have is to make a plan! Now, we aren’t saying to simply plan your Saturdays, but make a serious plan that includes all the things we’ve mention before you embark on the laborious task. Plan what flowers you will plant, where you will place your pots, whether or not you want to use mulch, and so forth. Once you’ve done this, then you can figure out how much labor you’ll actually have to put forth throughout the week. After all this, you are ready to create a routine schedule!
If this is even too much for you, then we have zero problems with urging you to invest in Mellco landscapers, the best set of professional landscapers Utah can offer you. If you have any questions about these tips or our services, contact us, today.


Finding the Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Your Landscape Design

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Finding the right furniture to compliment you outdoor living space is as important as finding the right furniture for the inside of your home. Just as you want the inside of your home to represent your sense of style, you want your outdoor living space to be just as welcoming; you want it to draw in complements from your friends, family and other guests you invite to your home.

So, how do you go about finding the perfect furniture to help you achieve these goals?

To start, you have to take a step back and observe the outdoor living space you just got done by your local Utah landscapers, and then think about the style. Of course, you want it to match the landscape and complete the overall outdoor aesthetic you’re looking for. Here are some tips from our Utah landscapers on how you can find the perfect furniture for your outdoor living space.

Decide on a Material

When deciding on a material, you have to make sure that you choose something that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. You should take into account aesthetics, but also remember that different materials might require different maintenance. Here are some of the various types of materials available for outdoor living space furniture:

Steel and Wrought Iron: Steel and iron furniture is extremely durable, which makes it a great investment. However, these pieces of furniture need to be treated with a weatherproof finish to prevent rust and will require the addition of cushions to make them comfortable.

Natural Wood: Wood will give your outdoor living space a nice, modern feel but it will require protection from the outside elements. The best thing to do is to choose weather resistant woods such as redwood, cedar, cypress and teak, as they require less maintenance.

Aluminum, Plastic and PVC: There are various benefits to these pieces of furniture. They are lightweight, rustproof, easy to maintain, and fairly cheap. One of the only drawbacks is that they may need to be secured in high windstorms.

Choosing the Right Color

Depending on the work that your local Utah landscapers have done, you’ll want to pick out furniture that will match the color of your outdoor living space. Don’t limit yourself to natural tones such as black, white and beige. If you feel like more vibrant colors can help your landscape design flourish, take a more colorful approach.

Consider Dual-Purpose Pieces

You have to be cautious as not to sacrifice quality for this feature, but if possible, try to look for furniture that can double as two different pieces of furniture. For example, an ottoman that can double as an extra seat may be beneficial to your outdoor living space.

Finding the perfect furniture for your outdoor living space can be daunting but taking it one step at a time can make it easier. Follow these simple tips from our Utah landscapers and add some décor to your landscape design.

Pools vs. Outdoor Water Features – What Feature is Best for Your Yard?

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When it comes to adding additional water features at your home, you have a few options: waterfalls, miniature streams, a pond, or a pool. With all of the ideas that may come to mind with the different options, you need to understand that the overall landscape of your yard will most likely dictate what feature you decide to go with.

At Odyssey Pools and Mellco Landscaping, we are able to customize water features as long as they fall within regulations and physical possibility. There is a chance that, if you have the necessary funds and a compatible yard, you could level your yard as necessary and do just about anything you want. While you may be able to do this with the best landscapers Utah can give you, it is more realistic to install a feature based off of what your yard has to offer.

We’ll take a quick minute to explain what features go best with your yard!

Yards that are Flat

It may seem obvious, but a pool is going to be the most compatible option for your home if you have a flat yard. With that said, there are some other outdoor water feature installations that pool builders can set up in a flat backyard. These other water features could include a rockwall replica or elegantly decorated pond. If you add an elevated rock feature to the side of your pool with a slide down the side, it gives your yard an extra aesthetic dimension.

Yards With Slopes

With a sloping lawn, you may be more inclined to a multi-leveled rockwall, stream, or a waterfall. For example, you could insert a rock feature with a steep enough slope to have a subtle stream through the rocks, or a waterfall that rushes over the rocks and into a miniature pond. These kinds of yards will take the best pool builders and local landscapers Utah has to offer to make sure that any leveling is done correctly. Potentially, with enough funds, you could even out your yard enough and add a pool.

Yards With Both

If you have a yard with both a long-running flat lawn and other areas that slope, you really can do just about anything you’d like. In this case though, you would be wise to follow the same instruction and follow to whatever is compatible with the specific area of your yard.

The size of your yard also plays a huge role in what kind of water feature you’ll be able to install, but even if you have a smaller yard, you can still install a stunning piece at your home. Pool builders are up to the task and can come to your home to help you figure out what will work best for your yard.

Different Trending Styles of Landscaping

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We’re almost passed the harsh season that is winter; while it may still be freezing out and the snow hasn’t slowed down too much, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re going to do to liven up your landscape. Now, while that may sound exciting, one of the hardest things to do is come up with an idea of what you may want to do. Your landscape may have spent months under snow and now you don’t know what you want to do with it, but don’t worry, the internet is a wonderful place full of inspiration.

Now of course you’ll want to add your own personal twist to your next landscape design, but taking some inspiration form some trending landscape design styles can help your creative gears turn. Here are some of the different trending styles of landscaping designs that you can use to impress some of the most talented Utah landscapers around.

Water Features

This landscape feature is something that may always be a trend simply because of its beauty. Water features, whether that be in the backyard or in your front yard, can really make your home stand out. Natural elements such as ponds, steams and waterfalls can really add that relaxation aspect to your home, and It’s an investment that can even raise the value of your home. If a natural, relaxing, valuable investment is something you’re interested in, make sure to contact the Utah landscapers at Mellco to help you install the water feature of your dreams.

Firepits and Stone Features

 Stone features, especially stone fireplaces, are a great addition to any backyard. These features combine the feeling of coziness with a modern and beautiful aesthetic and make your backyard the go-to place for summer night hangouts, parties and family get-togethers. If you’re wanting to prepare your backyard for those long summer nights, contact your local Utah landscapers at Mellco to get started.

Enclosures: A Sense of Security

 Something that may not have come to mind was an enclosure of some sort, however these landscape design features can add both a sense of security as well as a unique aesthetic to your home. You may require the help of some of the talented Utah landscapers in the state to set up these enclosures, and they can be made out of anything from foliage to wood, and even stone.

When looking for inspiration, the internet has thousands of images available to help you brainstorm, however you can also draw great inspiration from checking out some homes with impeccable landscape designs in person. If you’re looking to add some flair to your home using trending landscape designs, talk to our professional Utah landscapers here at Mellco. We’ll help transform your home into something straight out of a landscape design catalog.