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Pools vs. Outdoor Water Features – What Feature is Best for Your Yard?

When it comes to adding additional water features at your home, you have a few options: waterfalls, miniature streams, a pond, or a pool. With all of the ideas that may come to mind with the different options, you need to understand that the overall landscape of your yard will most likely dictate what feature you decide to go with.

At Odyssey Pools and Mellco Landscaping, we are able to customize water features as long as they fall within regulations and physical possibility. There is a chance that, if you have the necessary funds and a compatible yard, you could level your yard as necessary and do just about anything you want. While you may be able to do this with the best landscapers Utah can give you, it is more realistic to install a feature based off of what your yard has to offer.

We’ll take a quick minute to explain what features go best with your yard!

Yards that are Flat

It may seem obvious, but a pool is going to be the most compatible option for your home if you have a flat yard. With that said, there are some other outdoor water feature installations that pool builders can set up in a flat backyard. These other water features could include a rockwall replica or elegantly decorated pond. If you add an elevated rock feature to the side of your pool with a slide down the side, it gives your yard an extra aesthetic dimension.

Yards With Slopes

With a sloping lawn, you may be more inclined to a multi-leveled rockwall, stream, or a waterfall. For example, you could insert a rock feature with a steep enough slope to have a subtle stream through the rocks, or a waterfall that rushes over the rocks and into a miniature pond. These kinds of yards will take the best pool builders and local landscapers Utah has to offer to make sure that any leveling is done correctly. Potentially, with enough funds, you could even out your yard enough and add a pool.

Yards With Both

If you have a yard with both a long-running flat lawn and other areas that slope, you really can do just about anything you’d like. In this case though, you would be wise to follow the same instruction and follow to whatever is compatible with the specific area of your yard.

The size of your yard also plays a huge role in what kind of water feature you’ll be able to install, but even if you have a smaller yard, you can still install a stunning piece at your home. Pool builders are up to the task and can come to your home to help you figure out what will work best for your yard.