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Finding the Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Your Landscape Design

Finding the right furniture to compliment you outdoor living space is as important as finding the right furniture for the inside of your home. Just as you want the inside of your home to represent your sense of style, you want your outdoor living space to be just as welcoming; you want it to draw in complements from your friends, family and other guests you invite to your home.

So, how do you go about finding the perfect furniture to help you achieve these goals?

To start, you have to take a step back and observe the outdoor living space you just got done by your local Utah landscapers, and then think about the style. Of course, you want it to match the landscape and complete the overall outdoor aesthetic you’re looking for. Here are some tips from our Utah landscapers on how you can find the perfect furniture for your outdoor living space.

Decide on a Material

When deciding on a material, you have to make sure that you choose something that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. You should take into account aesthetics, but also remember that different materials might require different maintenance. Here are some of the various types of materials available for outdoor living space furniture:

Steel and Wrought Iron: Steel and iron furniture is extremely durable, which makes it a great investment. However, these pieces of furniture need to be treated with a weatherproof finish to prevent rust and will require the addition of cushions to make them comfortable.

Natural Wood: Wood will give your outdoor living space a nice, modern feel but it will require protection from the outside elements. The best thing to do is to choose weather resistant woods such as redwood, cedar, cypress and teak, as they require less maintenance.

Aluminum, Plastic and PVC: There are various benefits to these pieces of furniture. They are lightweight, rustproof, easy to maintain, and fairly cheap. One of the only drawbacks is that they may need to be secured in high windstorms.

Choosing the Right Color

Depending on the work that your local Utah landscapers have done, you’ll want to pick out furniture that will match the color of your outdoor living space. Don’t limit yourself to natural tones such as black, white and beige. If you feel like more vibrant colors can help your landscape design flourish, take a more colorful approach.

Consider Dual-Purpose Pieces

You have to be cautious as not to sacrifice quality for this feature, but if possible, try to look for furniture that can double as two different pieces of furniture. For example, an ottoman that can double as an extra seat may be beneficial to your outdoor living space.

Finding the perfect furniture for your outdoor living space can be daunting but taking it one step at a time can make it easier. Follow these simple tips from our Utah landscapers and add some décor to your landscape design.