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Is Your Home Prepared for a Pool?

As summer slowly grows closer, you may find yourself considering installing a pool in your backyard. Trust us, we think this is a GREAT idea, but we want to make sure that it is done right! To ensure that you have the best experience, you need to not only find the best Utah pool builders around but also make sure that your home is adequate for a pool.

While you may think that there isn’t much more than digging a hole in the ground and constructing the walls with concrete, lining, padding and a unique plastic, there is more to it than you’d expect. Before you start ripping up dirt in your backyard without a certified Utah pool builder, you need to make sure that your yard is up to code to build a pool. There could be a variety of issues that frustrate what seems to be an easy pool-building process, such as certain pipes in the ground obstructing where you can dig, your yard not being big enough, the location of the pool, uneven terrain, and not having a fence. These issues may seem too big to overcome, but in reality, most of them are, you just need to be aware of them.

When it comes to building a pool, any pool builder Utah has to offer will inform you that your property factors into a lot of critical matters. If you have a smaller property but think you might be able to fit a pool into your yard, you just need to make sure that the pool’s edges do not come within five feet of any property line. In addition, the pool can only be located behind or to the side of the home, never in the front! Another important note, when an in-ground pool is built, there must be a fence separating your property in order to maintain the safety of others. Once these matters are taken care of, then you are able to start planning the style and specific details of your pool!

Putting a fence around your property, finding the right spot, making sure there are no public lines in the ground, and determining the size and style of the pool might be the most technical part, but you still might have a couple factors to consider. The next and maybe more obvious factor your home (in this context, your family) must consider is making sure you have the budget. Building a pool is not your common home improvement; just taking the dirt and moving it to another location, plus making sure what is left is compacted enough can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Whatever the need is, you can rely on Utah pool builders to work with your budget and make sure you can go through with everything before one blade of grass is removed.

After the construction and installation parts are planned and ready to go, one last thing to keep in mind is the maintenance that is required once your pool is built. Keeping your pool safe and clean is something you can do on your own, but if that sounds like too much of a hassle, there are plenty of Utah pool builders out there that will also be able to provide you the assistance you need.

If you are serious about building a pool at your home this summer, you will obviously need the help of professionals. There is no better Utah pool builder than Odyssey Pools — we will not only help you do all the construction for your pool but also assist with planning all the finer details for you — there is nothing that Odyssey can’t do for you. For any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to call us!