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Winter Landscaping Ideas

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Utah landscapers

When it comes to doing landscaping, few of us think of pulling on a pair of snow boots. Winter isn’t the season for planting or watching the flowers bloom. However, there are things even Utah landscapers can do with the grey and white palette of winter to make a yard look great during these colder seasons. Here’s how:

Look At Your Hardscape

Without all the greenery of the warmer seasons, winter has a way of revealing spots in your landscape that could use a little extra spark. This might not be plants at all, but maybe something like a bench or archway. The simple setting of winter is a great time to analyze your hardscape and decide what is and isn’t working.

Put Winter Twist on Summer Decorations

A summery wheelbarrow can look just as seasonal if loaded with pine branches. Whether its hanging baskets or window boxes, adding wintertime plants such as holly or even just interesting twigs. This fun trick is especially helpful for Utah landscapers because it makes the containers you likely bought during summer look like they were meant for the long winter.

Use Perennials

Many four-season perennials have a unique foliage in the winter that can add a beautiful texture to your winter landscape. Be sure to research specific perennials in advance to make sure you invest in the right type and that you know how to care for them year round.

Bark and Berries

Utah landscapers especially should invest in trees and plants that offer an interesting variety of bark or a splash of colorful winter berries. These can add just the right touch to an otherwise empty looking landscape and can make even your yard feel cozy in the winter.

Also keep in mind that winter is a great time to take advantage of bargains on landscape and yard materials. Keep a note of what you need during the warmer months and it’s likely you can find it at a discounted price during the colder ones. At Mellco Landscaping we are passionate Utah landscapers ourselves. Contact us today to get an estimate on the yard of your dreams.