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Easy to Maintain Landscape Designs

It’s hard for anyone to say that they don’t like their house surrounded by beautiful flowers — the outside of your home has extra color and even a nice fragrance. But, we get it…Landscaping isn’t your full-time job and getting to the yard-work on Saturdays is always challenging. However, there are several ways in which you can have a beautiful yard without much work involved. Here are a few pointers that any of the experienced landscapers Utah has to offer would be able to provide you with.

Native Plants

It doesn’t matter if you ask Utah landscapers or other landscapers, you’ll find that the majority will tell you to invest in plant-life that goes best with the local climate of your home. In Utah, we go through all four seasons and there are some flowers (we call them perennial plants) that can handle the spring, summer and fall climates. The Daylily, Iris, Chrysanthemum and Coneflower are some of the perennial flowers that can push through the elements of the season and stay healthy in your garden without much extra effort on your part! The more you fill your garden with these lower maintenance native plants, the less stress you’ll feel from taking care of your yard.

Potted Plants

When you utilize potted plants, you’ll see a dull corner next to your front door come to life! There really isn’t a lot to potted plants outside of finding the right size and spot for them, and then making sure you keep them watered. A lot of the times, Utah landscapers will find these guys in shaded areas — which is fine — as long as you make sure you purchase a plant that can handle partially shaded areas.

Mulch Beds

There is a lot of opinion out there about mulch beds but whether you like them or not, even the best landscaper Utah has to offer would admit that mulch helps keep your garden areas free from weeds. Mulch doesn’t just help you from having to reach down on hand and knees to pull out pesky weeds, but also helps fertilize the plants that they surround. When it comes to planting flowers and making sure your flowers stay healthy, there are not too many things that make keeping your flowers healthy than laying down a mulch bed.

Consider Artificial Turf

This idea may seem silly at first, especially if you grew up rolling across your lawn and getting grass stains, but turf really is such a luxury for those who want to eliminate yard maintenance. Think about it, you do not need to use sprinklers (cutting down your water bill), you do not need to fertilize, nor do you have to mow the lawn! Instead, you get to kick back and enjoy more hours on your Saturday (and maybe a little extra money in your pocket after all is said and done).

Making a Plan

The last pointer we have is to make a plan! Now, we aren’t saying to simply plan your Saturdays, but make a serious plan that includes all the things we’ve mention before you embark on the laborious task. Plan what flowers you will plant, where you will place your pots, whether or not you want to use mulch, and so forth. Once you’ve done this, then you can figure out how much labor you’ll actually have to put forth throughout the week. After all this, you are ready to create a routine schedule!
If this is even too much for you, then we have zero problems with urging you to invest in Mellco landscapers, the best set of professional landscapers Utah can offer you. If you have any questions about these tips or our services, contact us, today.