When it comes to landscaping or construction projects in your backyard, it might be fun to consider what the best Utah landscapers or construction workers can and cannot do at your property. This thought brings up wild ideas such as seeing how far down you can dig or how high you can build on your property. Without further ado… Can You Build a Skyscraper in Your Backyard? As exciting and hilarious as it may be
As we get closer to summer, people around the nation are preparing their landscapes for summer. While it’s important to get your outdoor living space cleaned up and ready for hosting guests and family, you should also take into account your children if you have a family. Kids need to play outside, and if you invest in hiring local Utah landscapers to install some fun additions for your kids to play on, you’ll be increasing
Most people know that there are building codes that construction workers must abide by, but what about landscaping codes? When it comes to landscaping, there are certain city and state ordinances that you might have to abide by when it comes to your property. Nonetheless, it may be fun to consider what the best Utah landscapers or construction workers could do with or without restrictions. Can You Build a Skyscraper in Your Backyard?  You often
Pools are a must-have if you’re looking to escape the heat during the summer months or if you’re looking to add serious value to your home. While there are several benefits that come with a personal, in-ground pool, there are also some questions that you should ask yourself before you make any final decisions. It’s important to have your thoughts gathered before you call the Utah landscapers at Mellco Landscaping and Odyssey Pools, but they

Landscape Lighting Guide

Posted on March 1, 2019
Category: utah landscapers
When you think of landscaping, one of the last aspects you think about is the lighting. Whether that is the case for you or not, light really does a lot more for the outdoor aesthetic of a home than people may think. It is one thing to have a home that looks nice in the sun, and another when you add the extra flare of lighting. Lit areas around your house at night give your