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How to Prepare Your Yard for the Winter

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Utah landscapers

Colder weather is beginning to settle in. With the shorter days and holiday preparations, it is no wonder that so many of us overlook prepping the yard for winter.  But helping your yard hibernate can be well worth the extra effort if you want your yard looking green and healthy for the coming year, especially for Utah landscapers combatting ice and snow. Here are some tips to keep this year’s yard work from falling back again.

Keep Mowing

At least for a couple extra weeks. Cool season grasses, as many Utah landscapers will likely tell you, are very common in this area. They continue to grow until the ground freezes, so mowing the lawn every 10-14 days can keep your lawn looking clean and will prevent fungus damage once it starts to snow. Since the grass does grow slower during this time, you can keep your cutting height to minimum.

Do Aeration

There are different styles of aeration, such as the coring style of the slicing style, but the main idea here is to make sure you open up the soil to make it easier for the roots of grasses to grow. This may not need to be done every winter, but if your soil is compacting from lots of traffic or if lawn clippings and thatch piles higher than half an inch than it’s probably time.

Use Fertilizer

Not all fertilizer is created equal. Some types are designed more for quick growth or killing off weeds. This may suit your yard better in the Spring. For now, find a fertilizer that has a high level of potassium and a lower level of nitrogen. This will promote less growth above ground and more growth in the roots to help them withstand the coming climate.

Winters can be hard, even for experienced Utah landscapers, but even these simple tips can keep your yard looking clean during the winter and green during the coming spring. Your grass will thank you.