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Landscaping For Small Urban Spaces

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Utah landscapers

If you live in an urban area it can be hard to know how to do any landscaping. Our Utah landscapers know that landscaping is an art and can be flexible regardless of the size of the canvas. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Use Blossoms

A small yard is perfect for a cottage look. And what better to create that look than bunches of bright blossoms? It can by hydrangeas, roses, or your choice of flower. The main idea here is to have charming rows to line the street or your own walkway. You might also consider a small picket fence that they can drape over.

Planter Boxes

Maybe your only planting area is right up against the curb. Don’t be discouraged. Street-side planter boxes can make even a city area look nice and welcoming. Find some low-maintenance plants that you like and will be easy to keep alive in a landscape that isn’t all grass and flowerbeds.

Small Trees

Small trees such as dwarf or even semidwarf trees can be perfect for small yards. They create a sense of depth that makes your yard seem larger. As Utah landscapers, we know that trees are great for creating a focal point for your yard. This can play a role in your other designs such as walkways or planting beds.

Stone or Gravel Patio

Depending on how much space you have you might also consider investing in a patio. As Utah landscapers, we know that the desert can have it’s own beauty and a rock patio is great way to emphasize it. Use large, irregular stones to create tiles across your yard space. You can also use gravel. Then use potted plants for a touch of scenery.

Stepping Stone Path

This is a charming option for small yards. Especially if you end the path with a destination like a birdbath, small tree, or a set of chairs. This is a simple and easy feature that can do a lot for giving your yard personality.

If you’re looking to create the perfect paradise in your own yard, our expert Utah landscapers are here to help! We’re up for any challenge, including a small yard. Visit our website or contact us today to get started!