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The Difference Between Xeriscape and Zeroscape

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It is pretty common for people to confuse xeriscape and zeroscape with each other, and while some people may use the terms interchangeably, they are not synonymous. Even though the pronunciation of both words is pretty close, there is a significant difference between the two. To put it simply, xeriscape is an organized landscape design that focuses on using plants that hardly need water, and zeroscape landscapes are made up of dirt/gravel and basically zero plants.

That explanation might suffice on its own, but just in case you need a little more clarity, we’ll expand on both types of landscapes.


In this dry state, there are some areas that Utah landscapers will design and build out a xeriscape yard. A home with xeriscape will have an efficient irrigation system set in place; the homeowners will not have to worry about watering their yard and plants all that much. This is accomplished by planting shrubbery that can handle drought conditions. Plants such as yarrow, agave, white gaura, cactuses, California sagebrush, etc. are all perennials that Utah landscapers would use in a xeriscape landscaped yard. However, these Utah landscapers should also be able to provide you with a long list of other plants that would work as well.

A Xeriscape landscape is usually chosen by people that want to have a beautiful yard but do not have the time to maintain it, or by people who live in the desert. While you may expect to see this kind of landscape in desert areas, Utah landscapers can still make a home in urban or suburban areas look great! Some homeowners that want a xeriscape yard may also consider laying down turf and mulch instead of regular grass and soil. These kinds of yards still bring in wildlife and offer a serene habitat for all. However, the greatest benefit may be the cost efficiency — the summer water bills will likely see a major reduction.


Now, as we said before, there is a drastic difference between zeroscape and xeriscape, and that’s because zeroscape requires essentially zero planning and designing. A zeroscape yard will be made up of maybe a token plant here and there, but will mostly be made up of dirt and gravel. Unless homeowners that are really serious about emphasizing the lack of a lushes yard as the aesthetic, they really don’t even need Utah landscapers.


The only relations between the two different types of landscape are in pronunciation and the little amount of work they require to maintain. Besides that, the two are vastly different in design and purpose. If you are looking to implement a xeriscape design, contact a Utah landscaper or expert in desert designs.