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How to Winterize Your Yard

It’s that time of the year. Temperatures are dropping and snow is falling. Though it can be really pretty and fun, it can also be a pain. Your driveway gets covered in snow, your gutters are bursting, and all your expensive and beautiful plants are dying. It can be a little sad and overwhelming. Let’s talk about a few ways landscape designers can help winterize your yard and keep it safe and beautiful during these cold winter months.

We’ve all been walking on an icy sidewalk, slipped, and fell before, right? One of the most obvious ways you can winterize your yard is simply clearing the snow from your yard or street. Here at Mellco Landscape, we offer snow removal services to help you. Removing snow from all your driveways and walkways will not only make it safer for everyone but will help make your yard more attractive. Adding rock salt to your walkways will also help make it extra safe for people walking. Landscape designers can help you figure out ways to design your yard to look good in the winter as well. 

Icicles are one of those things that just scream that it is winter, and although they can be really pretty, they can also be really dangerous, especially if they are forming in your gutters. They can fall and hurt people or damage your house. Gutters cause issues in the winter because when water freezes it expands, leaving your gutters vulnerable to cracking and breaking under the added pressure. There are a lot of ways landscape designers can help you avoid the hassle of frozen gutters. A few of the top recommendations are slopping your gutters properly, keeping them clean, adding rock salt, and even things like buying heated gutter cables. Let your landscape designers know if you need any help with this.

Another thing a lot of people worry about in the winter is all of your plants dying. And it is true, there are a lot of plants that do die when the colder weather hits, there are also a handful of plants that can withstand the season. A skilled and experienced landscape designer will know of these plants and know which ones will work in your climate and which will not. Click here to read more about plants that can withstand the winter months. If you have potted plants that you are afraid of dying, there are some steps you can take to winterize them. Talk to your landscape designer to decide what the best way to do so is. 

Overall, winter can be a pain, but it doesn’t need to be. With the help of your landscape designer, your yard can be safe while looking like a ten year around. If you need help connecting with a landscape designer, contact us here at Mellco Landscaping and we can help set you up today!