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Can You Build Your Own Pool?

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In-ground swimming pools are one of the staple features of the perfect summer landscape. During those long summer days, a pool will help you cool off and provide your whole family, as well as any guests you might have over, with hours of outdoor entertainment. However, when it comes to getting a pool for your backyard, how do you go about it? Do you hire pool builders, or do you do it yourself? Well, if you’re looking to test out your pool building skills this summer, you’re going to want some tips on how to, if you can, build your own pool.

If you’re wanting to transform your home this summer, here are some of the necessary steps that come with building a pool.

Obtaining a Permit

This is one step that won’t require the assistance of licensed pool builders. To start your pool construction, you’re going to need to obtain a permit from the city. Obtaining a permit shouldn’t be too difficult, as you can simply apply online on your local Department of Building and Safety’s website. When you obtain your permit, it will outline the exact requirements and specification of your new pool.

Choosing a Designated Space for Your Pool

Another step that doesn’t require you to contact your local pool builders is choosing the location of your pool*. Because your pool will be installed in a permanent location, you should be sure of where you want to build your pool before any construction begins; installing a swimming pool in certain areas can remove other outdoor features such as trees or sections of fencing.

Designing Your Pool

When it comes to your pool design, this is another task that doesn’t require the help of pool builders*. This is where you’ll decide if you want a rounded pool, a square pool, or a rectangular pool. You’ll also decide how deep you want your pool to be, as well as how many exits and entrances it’ll have.

  • While it might be possible to obtain your own permit, choosing your pool’s location and design really isn’t entirely up to you. There are permissions that you have to pass before you install your pool willy-nilly.

Where You’ll Need Help

Right now, it may be looking like you can nearly do everything yourself, but this is where we get to the hard stuff. Once all the planning is done, you’re going to want to hire your local pool builders to help you with the actual construction. You might be able to go about “doing it yourself,” but in all honesty, you’ll be contacting multiple individual contractors to make sure you are doing things right. Professional pool builders are experts in pool construction and know everyone and everything needed for things like extraction, creating the foundation, installing the mold, building the pool filters, taking care of the surrounding landscape, and more.

People can try to “do it themselves,” but in reality, they’ll be contacting each contractor themselves and having to compare prices and figure out who they can trust. With pool builders from reliable companies like Odyssey Pools, they can take care of everything while still keeping you in the loop of all the decisions. If you’re looking to build a pool this summer, makes sure to contact us at Odyssey Pools for the best pool construction in Utah.