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5 Fun Things to Add to Your Backyard for Your Kids

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As we get closer to summer, people around the nation are preparing their landscapes for summer. While it’s important to get your outdoor living space cleaned up and ready for hosting guests and family, you should also take into account your children if you have a family. Kids need to play outside, and if you invest in hiring local Utah landscapers to install some fun additions for your kids to play on, you’ll be increasing the value of your home while adding value to their summer.

So, while you might be at a loss as to what you can possibly add to your landscape that your children will be able to utilize, here are some suggestions.

A Swimming Pool

Perhaps the most obvious and popular additions come in the form of a simple swimming pool. You can opt for a temporary, inflatable pool, or you can hire pool builders to install an in-ground swimming pool for you and your family. These pools will add value to your home and provide a cool escape for your children during the long hot summer days.

A Treehouse

This is another classic addition, albeit one that will require some work if you want to ensure that it’s both safe and something that your children will enjoy. This is oftentimes more of a DIY project, so hiring our Utah landscapers is best reserved for more advanced projects. However, if you ever have any landscaping questions regarding the construction of a DIY addition, you can always check out our blog or give us a call.

Rock Climbing Walls

This isn’t a simple project by any means, but it’s a unique one. Rock climbing walls are both a great way for kids to have fun and to get exercise. The rarity of a rock climbing wall will be a hit for your kids and any of their friends and your neighbors.

A Zip Line

Again, this is another uncommon landscape addition, but it’s one that goes great accompanied with a treehouse. Zip lines are a more unique counterpart to everyday slides, and adding it as an exit option for your children leaving their treehouse will leave them feeling as if they’re action heroes. Of course, you might have to consult with your local Utah landscapers for any safety questions you may have before setting up a zip line.

In-Ground Trampolines

We’re ending the list with a simple, traditional in-ground trampoline. You’ll need the help of our Utah landscapers in terms of digging, but these trampolines are safer alternatives to traditional trampolines, as they’re ground level and therefore reduce the risks of larger falls.

These landscape additions are the perfect way to create an outdoor living space that your children can enjoy this summer. If you’re in need of professional landscaping help when it comes to preparing your landscape for any of these additions, contact our professional Utah landscapers here at Mellco.

5 Landscape Codes You Should Be Aware Of

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Most people know that there are building codes that construction workers must abide by, but what about landscaping codes?

When it comes to landscaping, there are certain city and state ordinances that you might have to abide by when it comes to your property. Nonetheless, it may be fun to consider what the best Utah landscapers or construction workers could do with or without restrictions.

Can You Build a Skyscraper in Your Backyard?

 You often think about your property as being under your jurisdiction, but there are rules that states have to enforce when it comes to the construction of any outdoor living space additions. For example, what would happen if you tried to build a skyscraper in your backyard? First off, you’d need a lot of room; however, the state of Utah has set regulations for homes regarding the size of such additions.

In homes located on lots of 15,000 square feet or less, the maximum height that a structure can be is 12 feet, while the maximum area size is 576 square feet.

Unfortunately for homeowners, this means that you can’t build a skyscraper in your backyard, not even anything near it, actually.

Can I Dig Down as Far as I Want?

You might know that you have to get permission to dig by calling 811, but do you know how far down you can dig after you gain the necessary permission? Well, the laws here aren’t as strict as the skyscraper scenario, and while you do need to have your yard inspected for pipelines before you dig, there is no specific depth limit.

There are, however a few guidelines that you have to follow: the hole that you dig must be properly supported to prevent it from collapsing and causing damage to neighbors’ yard, and you must make sure that the hole doesn’t prove to be a physical threat to anyone. So, while you can dig down as far as you can, you need to be sure that you’re digging responsibly.

Laws Regarding Sidewalk Repairs

Many people tend to take repairs into their own hands when things such as curbs, gutters and sidewalks begin to pose a threat on the well-being of the public. While providing such a service as a resident may seem like no big deal, you have to make sure that you follow a few specific guidelines.

First off, residents who are looking to take repairs into their own hands must obtain a street improvement permit from the city. In Utah, the fee for this permit is $25.00. After the permit has been obtained, the engineering department will contact and meet with the individual to review the damage and explain any applicable specifications for the restoration. The resident who is looking to perform the repairs must also hire licensed Utah landscapers for the placement of new concrete at the resident’s expense, and the resident is also responsible for landscape restoration.

Swimming Pool Construction Laws

Like in most other states, you need to acquire a building permit before you give your local Utah landscapers a call to help you build a pool; additionally, you have to have your yard inspected to make sure that it is suitable for a pool. Swimming pools in the state of Utah must be set back at least five feet from all property lines and should be provided with access gates and a fence at least six feet tall.

Detailed drawings of the pool are also required by the Utah landscapers, which include a cross section of the in-ground pool, wiring, plumbing, fencing and gates.

Residential Driveway Construction Codes

A lot of times, residents might have to take the construction or expansion of driveways into their own hands. The laws in Utah regarding the construction of residential driveways are as follows:

Driveways should have a drive approach of at least 12 feet and cannot exceed the maximum width of 30 feet; a secondary drive approach may be required upon review and the approval of the city’s engineer.

Down sloping driveways are not permitted unless they are approved by the City Engineer due to topographic constraints. The driveway must also maintain a positive slope away from the home as required by the International Building Code. The slopes minimum grade is two percent, while the maximum grade allowable is 12 percent.

These are just a few of the landscape codes that you should be aware of, but if you’re still a bit confused about anything mentioned above, give our Utah landscapers here at Mellco a call.







Preparing Your Landscape for Summer

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It might seem like it’s too early to start preparing your landscape design for summer but being one step ahead of the game is the best way to ensure you bring your vision to life as accurately as possible. While we’re still feeling the effects of winter, there’s no reason that you should let that stop you from planning out the summer outdoor living space of your dreams.

So, when it comes to the steps that you need to take to prepare your landscape for summer, it comes down to a lot of maintenance. Here are just some of the steps that you’ll have to take before you call your local Utah landscapers.

Revive and Protect Your Lawn

Your lawn will need some extra care after the harsh winter months and your first step begins here. Start by assessing your lawn and determining what you can do to liven it up. For example, if you see brown patches, see if you can revive that specific patch of lawn. Brown doesn’t always mean dead — the grass might just be dormant. These brown patches will usually grow again once weather conditions begin to improve.

Fertilization is also important. This will prepare your landscape for any floral additions you may want to add once you call your local Utah landscapers.

You should also let your grass grow out when preparing it for the summer. Letting your grass grow upwards of three to four inches will help discourage weed growth and better equips the grass for dry stretches that can occur during the summer.

Meet with a Landscaper

After you’ve tended to maintenance duties in your outdoor living space, it’s time to meet with the Utah landscapers to discuss additions and renovations. From a new patio to rock retaining walls and pools, there are an infinite number of additions that you can make to your landscape, and they come with a variety of different ways that you can style them.

This is perhaps the best part about preparing your landscape for summer; now that you’re done cleaning up, planning is definitely going to be the where the fun begins. Your local Utah landscapers can help you assess what aspects in your landscape design need work, what additions can benefit you, and how you can best implement certain projects to meet your landscaping needs.

Preparing your landscape for the summer is best done early. If you’re in need of professional assistance, contact our experienced Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping.

Five Simple Ways to Transform Your Yard

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No matter who you are, there are always reasons to transform your yard. It would seem as if there are three types of people when it comes to doing yard work — people who love it, people who do it, and people who never do it — and each one of these types can find reason to transform their yard. If you love doing yard work, then you probably like experimenting with new ideas; if you are someone who simply gets the work done, then you might want to try something new; if you hate yard work and never do it, then you might want to make your yard look better and find more ways to enjoy it!

With the spring and summer making their return in the next couple months, here are five of the most simple ways the best Utah landscapers can transform your yard.

New Flowers and Plants

Year after year people stick to what they have always done because it is what they are most comfortable with. With planting flowers, fruits, shrubs or vegetable patches, you may stick to making the same purchases and planting the same plants. One of the easiest ways to change things up is by picking new plants and flowers and placing them in new spots. Think about it, if a Utah landscaper came to take over the maintenance at your house, you’d see different plants in different locations.

Plant in Masses

After you’ve used some new plant and implemented changes to your plant placement, don’t be afraid to really pack in certain areas instead of keeping everything spread apart. You will want to keep your color coordination balanced in order to have an organized wave of color. If you are not selective in what plants and flowers you select for the masses, you might end up with random pops of color and textures that don’t fit in.

Define Your Edges

Apart of any transformation is simply making sure that what you’ve done will stick out, and you can emphasize the change in your plants by sharpening the edges of your flower beds. To do it as the best Utah landscapers do, use clean cut pavers to form proper borders around your flower beds. You might also consider laying down some kind of concrete to create a solid border if you do not already have any.


In addition to adding discrete concrete borders, you may want to add some walkways to your garden to provide you with easier access to certain areas and to create a flow to your outdoor space. Walkways give your yard more texture as you might be able to use concrete, brick, stone, rocks and more as steps. With bigger yards and bigger gardens, the professional Utah landscapers look to find great areas to place these all the time.


After you’ve created a new look to your yard, it’s time to display your masterpiece, and a little bit a light can do the trick! When you add lighting to different areas of your garden, your plants, bushes, trees and flowers will literally shine! If you have done a really good job with your yard, lights really give that next-level look to the aesthetic of the outside of your home.

These fives tips are just some of the many ways you can transform your yard. If you truly want to enhance the look of your yard, turn to the best landscapers Utah has to offer, Mellco Landscaping! We’ll work with you and find what will make your house look outstanding all summer long!

What it Takes to Build a Pool

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Residents across snowy forefronts are counting down the days that they can finally work on their outdoor living spaces. During the hotter months, one of the most popular additions to any landscape is a backyard swimming pool. The Utah landscapers here at Mellco are experts in pool building and are prepared to help you install the pool of your dreams, but is your backyard ready for such an addition? If you’re not sure, here is what it takes to prepare your home for a pool.

Decide on Your Placement

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is decide on your ideal placement. Take the time to scope out your backyard for an area where you could visualize your dream pool and would be the most comfortable for you, your family and any guests.

Clean Your Designated Area

After you’ve decided on a spot for your soon-to-be pool, you should clear it of any rocks, sticks, debris and any equipment or miscellaneous items that may be occupying the area. The spot you choose should be ready for our Utah landscapers who will help you with the remaing steps.

Measuring the Area

The first thing pool builders will do is measure the area. In order to prepare your yard for a pool, you must measure the diameter of the space where you plan to place the pool. To mark the area, the builders will use string and measuring tape.

Digging Up the Area

The next step in the pool building process is to dig out the area you’ve chosen. You will have to hire pool builders to use heavy machinery such as excavators to speed up the process. As for the dirt pile that you’ve accumulated, you can hire professionals to haul it away for you.

Leveling the Pool Hole

At this point, the pool builders dig up any areas that may be higher than others and do this until the entire surface is level. After digging, you will leave it alone for 24 hours to make sure that it’s completely level. Once the professionals decide that it is, you’re ready to start the installation process.

Pools make everyone’s summer better. If you’re looking to install a pool at your home, make sure to follow these steps and contact our Utah landscapers and pool builders for all the required assistance.