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Making Upgrades to Your Pool

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With each summer comes the excitement of reopening your pool, but after a while, you might feel like you need something else! While you might not know yet, what you might be feeling is an itch to add another feature or upgrade a specific portion of your pool. No matter where you live, there are proficient pool builders that can help you add on or fix up just about anything you need!

We’ve compiled some of the best add-ons and renovations for anyone that is looking to change up their current pool design.


Pumps, Filters and Systems – The first thing that needs to be taken care of before you are ready for any aesthetic touch-ups and/or add-ons is the pool’s overall system. This means fixing up and replacing filters, cartridges, pumps, sanitation systems and anything else that keeps the pool functioning properly.

Pool Decks – With a lot of pool splashing and outdoor weather taking its toll, your pool deck area might have cracks or uneven levels. In order to keep pool users and the integrity of the pool safe, you should consider making repairs to the pool’s deck area. While you’re at it, you can make the renovation a little fun and change from basic concrete to stamp crete or paver patterns.

Vinyl – If the vinyl is damaged, you might face problems that requires repairs. You do not want your pool leaking or there to be soft spots in the liner. It can be hard to find small tears or other vinyl damage, but a pool builder should be able to help if you feel like there might be a problem. Vinyl isn’t something that you only consider changing if there is a problem, but a nice change up if you are wanting a new aesthetic, especially if your vinyl is stained or getting old.


Spa – If you don’t already have one and if your pool isn’t heated to a high degree, an additional spa can be great for dips in the night or during colder weather. Pool builders can construct in-ground hot tubes or help you place an above-ground one where you want it.

Slides and Diving Boards – If you don’t already have one of these two options and you often have kids and young adults swimming in your pool, it’s almost a must to add on.

Water Features – simple or complex fountains or a running stream will add an extra dimension of beauty to any pool. If you want to change add more to your aesthetic, consider this.

Fire Features – There are a lot of fire pits that accompany pools because they are a simple yet wonderful contrasting outdoor feature. Whether it’s in-ground or lifted, far from or close to the pool, fires are great with a pool.

Lighting – You may not have the largest budget or you may already love your pool’s current design and features, but a simple change to the light in or around your pool might be all you need.

Pool Shapes – While you won’t be able to change your pools shape entirely, you might be able to adjust it a little. However, you will need to discuss it will your pool builders to understand their full abilities.

The ideas we’ve shared are just a few of the many things you can do to upgrade your pool. There are a lot more designs and landscaping ideas that you could also consider. For more ideas and to hear more about any of the ideas above, call your pool builders today!