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What Pool Shape Should You Choose

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When you are thinking about building a pool, there are a few different things you have to consider, and one of those things is what shape you want your pool to be. If you know how you want to utilize your pool and what kind of shapes there are, this decision shouldn’t be too hard. Obviously, there are some restrictions you must consider, such as how much space you have in your backyard, but besides that, you should be able to build the pool you want.

If you know you want a pool but don’t know what kind, pool builders can help you find your pool’s purpose. Once you figure out how you want to use your pool, then you can start thinking about the different shapes. Take a look at all the options before your local pool builders start excavating.

Common Pool Shapes

RECTANGULAR — The most common pool you’ll find will have a symmetrical rectangular shape. Usually, these pools have a shallow and deep end and are complemented by an accompanying slide or diving board. This is a great option for a family with rambunctious kids.

ROMAN — These pools may be similar to the rectangular pools in terms of size and shape but have half circles on both ends of the pool. Typically, Roman pools are used more for leisure. They will often have steps on one end and a bench or sitting area on the other. A lot of Roman pools are completed with simple fountains, waterfalls or an elevated hot tube at the side of the tube.

FIGURE-8 — When you see a figure-8 pool, it may look more like an hourglass with a wider middle. Outside of the design, there isn’t much difference between this pool and Roman pools in terms of utilization.

KIDNEY — If you’ve seen pictures of a skateboarder riding in an empty pool, it is likely in a kidney pool. These are in the shape of a kidney (or kidney beans) and usually do not have a ton of additional features. However, pool builders will have no trouble to build a fountain or garden area off to the side.

LAP — There really isn’t much more to explain here; lap pools also have a rectangular shape but are much slimmer and are used to swim laps.

L-SHAPED — The shape of an “L-shaped” pool is obvious, but they can be used as a lap pool with extra space for individuals to relax off to the side.

LAZY L-SHAPED — While there may be some relation to the L-shape pools, this one is more for aesthetics; instead of a crisp 90-degree turn, the breaking point is greater than 90 degrees.

FREEFORM — The last pool shape we will discuss here is a freeform pool, or, a pool that takes the shape of your choice. Because these are more customized, they are oftentimes more expensive than the typical rectangular pool. However, they accomplish whatever purpose you have. Just be sure you are able to demonstrate to the pool builders how exactly you want your pool to look.

Deciding on what shape of a pool you will build all comes down to how you want to utilize your pool. Some of the shapes really do overlap with others and you really can’t go wrong. No matter what shape you decide on, a pool in your backyard is going to a relaxing and cool way to take a break from the summer heat. When you are ready to start building your pool, contact us, the best pool builders in Utah.