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Snow Removal: When and How

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As Utah landscapers and pool builders we know that one of the joys—and the stresses—of living in in this area is the snow. While its great for outdoors sports like snowboarding and skiing and while it does give the holidays that extra touch of magic, it isn’t so great or magical for your driveway.

When to Start

It’s a good idea to begin removing snow every time a few inches falls. You can also wait until a storm blows over and then begin removing it in layers. This will keep the task of snow removal from becoming bigger than you can handle. If its an especially wet winter, then it’s also a good idea to also think about removing snow from your roof once it reaches twelve inches.

How to Begin

There are a variety of different ways to remove snow. You can take a snow shovel to your drive. For this method, try to find a shovel that’s good for both lifting and pushing snow. Also be sure to not overdo it. Believe it or not, there are thousands of cases of snow-shoveling injuries, many of which involve slips and falls.

You can also take the route of the snowblower. It might take a little experimenting to get the right pacing but it can make snow removal less labor-intensive. Plan out a route you can follow so that you won’t be blowing the snow onto the pavement that you’ve already cleared.

A third method is by using chemicals like sodium magnesium chloride, rock salt and calcium chloride. These chemicals decrease the freezing temperature of all the snow and ice and breaks its bond with your concrete driveway. Just make sure that you do some research beforehand as some chemicals can be harmful to plants and pets.

The designers and pool builders here at Mellco Landscaping are very familiar with the challenges that Utah weather can bring to homeowners and their yards. If you’re considering some landscaping to brighten up your home after a long winter, we’re happy to help! View our gallery today to see how out Utah landscapers can help freshen up your yard for year 2020.

Landscaping Foliage for the Winter

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Most of the focus for gardening and landscaping happens in the spring and summer months. After all, that’s when you consider calling up the pool builders or sprucing up the flowerbeds. However, the winter seasons provide a perfect spotlight for a variety of plants that can have your yard looking magical.


Believe it or not, there are a variety of vegetables that can spruce up your yard even in the winter. Cabbages and kales provide a unique color and texture to the otherwise dry and pale landscape of winter. What’s more, they can even handle most winters once the cool night temperatures begin to harden them.


There are also a fair amount of flowers that can tolerate the winter. Colorful camellias, for example, are very hardy and bloom in the fall and winter. Winter jasmine can also provide a bright splash of color for a low level of maintenance.

Trees and Berries

Of course, then there’s the festive evergreens, holly bushes, and winter holly plants that will always make your yard feel cozy. But don’t overlook other types of plants such as witch hazel, red and yellow dogwood, cotoneaster, and winter jasmine. Each of these can add a unique splash of color to your yard and will actually be complimented by snowfall.

We hope this has sparked some creativity towards your landscaping this or even next winter. These colder, grayer months can seem long, but at least you can have your yard looking warm and welcoming. Don’t have the time to get it there yourself? Visit our website today to see our services. Our pool builders and landscapers can help you create the yard you’ve always envisioned.