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October 2018

The Best Time to Build a Pool

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Surprisingly, the perfect season during the year for customers to hire a pool builder is in the fall. Why is fall the ideal season to build a pool, with colder weather and potentially snow on the way? The answer is simple—because less people are building pools in the fall. Since fewer people are constructing pools during this season, you can benefit. The benefits from installing a pool in the fall vary from a detailed job done to having enough money to finish the pool.

Financial Benefits of Building a Pool in the Fall

In the fall, constructing a pool will usually be cheaper because not many people build pools in the fall. Since business isn’t booming in the fall, pool builders will charge their clients less. Materials used to build the pools will also be on sale because of the upcoming winter season. Fall is the best time to save money while you build a pool in your backyard.

Landscapers Focus on their Clients More in the Fall

Since pool builders usually have less clientele in the fall, they will be able to spend more time on your pool instead of rushing through the work to get it done. If you want more personal, detail-driven work, try to get your pool built in the fall. You’ll be able to get exactly what you want from who you hire to build your pool when you start in the fall.

The Fall Gives Plenty of Time to Finish Building Your Pool

When you build your pool in the fall, it gives the pool builders the time to finish, not only before the wintertime, but also before the summer season. If needed, builders can also finish their work in the spring, just in time for the summer season.

Spring and Summer are the Most Popular Seasons to Build a Pool

Fall is also the best season to build a pool because the spring and summer seasons are some of the busiest times to build a pool. Spring is often one of the worst seasons to begin building a pool because prices go up, since many people plan to start building their pools after a long winter in preparation for summer. Summer is also a busy season for pool builders, and wouldn’t you rather have your pool completed before summer anyways?

Fall Will Give You the Best Benefits

When you build your pool in the fall, you give your landscaper enough time to finish your pool. Since your landscaper will have the time to make sure to accomplish all you wish them too, your pool will have a better chance to turn out the way you want it to be. Not only will your pool be the way you want it, it will also save you money in the long run. By avoiding hiring pool builders in the spring or summer, and hiring them during the fall instead, the pool of your dreams will be complete by the time the warmer weather hits.


How to Maintain Your Pool During Winter Months

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There is a common misconception that you have to close your pool by draining it during the winter months to prevent freezing. However, as your pool builders may tell you, this isn’t actually the most beneficial thing to do. Sure, completely draining your pool isn’t necessarily damaging, and may seem easier than maintaining it over the winter, but it can result in a lot more work when it comes to re-opening your pool in the summer. Keeping your pool maintained and filled during the winter actually can prevent damage and make it easier to balance the chemicals in the summer.

Benefits of Keeping Water in Your Pool

Leaving water in your pool during the winter comes with many benefits. If you live in areas that freeze in the winter months, your best option is still to leave some water in your pool as long as you add the proper winterizing chemicals to the water and drain it partially. Draining your pool entirely before the winter leaves your pool susceptible to the elements and can cause the liner to rip/tear, dry out, shrink, and/or crack. Once spring comes, having treated water already in your pool makes re-opening your pool that much easier.

How Much Water to Drain

Normally, you should drain your pool below skimmer levels before closing your pool. If you don’t know what this means, consult your pool builder or landscaper for more information. If you have an in-ground pool, you may need to drain more. The key to this step is draining enough water so that you can clean out the plumbing system in order to avoid frozen lines during the winter. If your pool has a removable pump and skimmer system, then you can simply remove this system, and drain a little water off the top to account for expansion when the water freezes.

Having a Winter Pool Cover

Whether you choose to drain your pool or not, you will need to cover your pool with a heavy-duty winter pool cover that fits your pool. If you have a automated retractable tarp, to avoid strain on your tarp, retract your tarp so the snows weight does not make it stretch and then lay the winter cover over the water and anchor it down with weights or straps. If you do not properly strap down the cover, then debris or animals may find a way into your pool which will ultimately force you to drain your pool and refill it in the spring.

Chemicals for Winterizing Your Pool

Simply adding chlorine to your pool in the winter isn’t enough. During the winter, non-living organic contamination is inevitable, even with a pool cover. Because the water is not being circulated during winter months, chlorine will degrade and eventually disappear. You will need to add an algaecide in order to stop algae growth and slow bacterial growth.

Having a thermometer in your pool can help you know when temperatures are getting low enough for you to close your pool if you do not heat it. Waiting too long to close your pool can result in burst pipes and a lot of extra tedious work. Keeping your pool partially filled and treated properly during the winter can really make your job easier when re-opening your pool in the spring. Consult with your pool builders and landscapers to know more about proper pool care and other tips for maintaining your pool in the winter months.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Summer Yard in the Fall

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There aren’t many things better than a summertime backyard. From the green grass to the full trees, it is one of the happiest times of the year for sure. So, what can you do to keep the happy backyard thriving while the temperatures are dropping for winter?

Landscapers are a great option for helping with this. There are obviously a few things you can’t totally control when it comes to your yard changing with the seasons. Leaves are going to change and fall, it’s inevitable. One way to keep your yard looking summery is to make sure to rake up your leaves as they fall. Fallen leaves are a look for sure, but if you are wanting to keep the summer vibe, the leaves should go. Fallen leaves sitting on your lawn can also have a negative impact on your grass. They can actually block the grass from sunlight and cause it to turn brown.

Speaking of grass, you should continue to mow your lawn as normal throughout the fall. As it starts getting colder and closer to winter, mow on the mowers lowest blade setting. You can mention this to a landscaper and have them do it. Cutting the grass on such a low setting will allow more sunlight to touch the top of the grass and in turn, your grass will stay greener.

Watering your lawn is something you should be doing in fall too. You may think because you are getting more rain and dew you can pass on the watering. This can actually result in under-watering your lawn though. As a result, your grass may die earlier than it needs to, making it look less summery throughout fall. You just want to be sure to shut off your irrigation system before it gets too cold.  

Landscapers are really educated when it comes to this kind of stuff. If you are interested in keeping your yard green during the fall, landscapers are the way to go. They can help you you rake up leaves, mow your lawn, decided how much water to put on your lawn and more. They also may have different tricks up their sleeves on how to keep your lawn looking summery throughout fall. Contact Mellco Landscaping landscapers today.