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Tips on How to Maintain Your Summer Yard in the Fall

There aren’t many things better than a summertime backyard. From the green grass to the full trees, it is one of the happiest times of the year for sure. So, what can you do to keep the happy backyard thriving while the temperatures are dropping for winter?

Landscapers are a great option for helping with this. There are obviously a few things you can’t totally control when it comes to your yard changing with the seasons. Leaves are going to change and fall, it’s inevitable. One way to keep your yard looking summery is to make sure to rake up your leaves as they fall. Fallen leaves are a look for sure, but if you are wanting to keep the summer vibe, the leaves should go. Fallen leaves sitting on your lawn can also have a negative impact on your grass. They can actually block the grass from sunlight and cause it to turn brown.

Speaking of grass, you should continue to mow your lawn as normal throughout the fall. As it starts getting colder and closer to winter, mow on the mowers lowest blade setting. You can mention this to a landscaper and have them do it. Cutting the grass on such a low setting will allow more sunlight to touch the top of the grass and in turn, your grass will stay greener.

Watering your lawn is something you should be doing in fall too. You may think because you are getting more rain and dew you can pass on the watering. This can actually result in under-watering your lawn though. As a result, your grass may die earlier than it needs to, making it look less summery throughout fall. You just want to be sure to shut off your irrigation system before it gets too cold.  

Landscapers are really educated when it comes to this kind of stuff. If you are interested in keeping your yard green during the fall, landscapers are the way to go. They can help you you rake up leaves, mow your lawn, decided how much water to put on your lawn and more. They also may have different tricks up their sleeves on how to keep your lawn looking summery throughout fall. Contact Mellco Landscaping landscapers today.