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Why Hiring a Landscape Designer is Cheaper than DIY

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Planting trees, shrubs and flowers, trimming your edges, and mowing your lawn are all outdoor summer chores, however, some people might mistake these “projects” and “activities” with landscaping. To clarify, Landscaping means altering your current design by adding extra features. To expand on this rough definition, when we are talking about landscaping, we are talking about installing hardscape features, excavating an area, putting up a new fence, or giving your yard an island with a weaving pathway, not Saturday work. It is this kind of landscaping that we believe goes beyond your own DIY expenses and should be left in the hands of professional Utah landscapers and designers.

DIY Landscaping

There are two reasons why we, as human beings, love DIY projects: it’s fun, it gives us the pride that we did “that” ourselves, and it usually saves us money. While those three reasons are mostly true, sometimes there are things that make that not entirely true. These projects are ideally fun, self-fulfilling and cost-efficient, but sometimes they can be a headache, don’t turn out like we hoped they would, and can cost the same (if not more) as if we were to hire a professional. In addition, your time comes at a high price, and when you devote time to one thing, that sacrifices time you could be using for something else.

When you understand all this, you should also understand that the work that your local Utah landscapers can do for you might be more cost efficient in the end. While we just said, “might be more cost efficient,” we will tell you why, in a lot of cases, it IS more cost-efficient.

Depending on what changes you are looking to make with your yard, you will not only need the time to carry out your project but the tools and the “know-how” as well — the knowledge, experience and supplies. You might have to visit a few different stores to get your supplies and talk to professionals to make sure you are doing everything correctly. If you choose to go with cheaper supplies, you might end up spending more money in the long run on repairs or replacing supplies. Further, without being experienced in landscaping, you might end up making some serious mistakes along the way. With the unforeseen mistakes and repairs, you could very well end up spending more money than you expected to.

Professional Landscapers

While it may appear that hiring a landscaper is pricey, it’s not the hiring part that is particularly expensive, it’s just the fact that landscaping is expensive. When you choose to hire a Utah landscaper, you are getting the most cost-efficient and quality landscape design possible.

Obviously, when you hire a team of landscapers, you are going to get the best job done and much faster than you would be able to on your own. Not only do you get a quicker and better quality job with Utah landscapers, but you also get their expertise in landscaping codes and laws. It’s not a stretch to assume that you don’t know about these codes, and if you accidentally violate one along the way, you will find yourself in a heap of trouble and might have to start over.

There are a lot of reasons as to why doing it yourself might be riskier and cost you more, but instead of listing off all the possible factors, you should simply considering hiring a professional landscaper. If you have a small project like planting some shrubs or flowers and adding mulch, you can probably do this yourself. DIY’s are great for small and simple projects, but if you are wanting to do something a little bigger, hiring a Utah landscaper will be a much better option. For any questions or further inquiries, contact us today!