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Why 2019 is the Year to Do Your Landscaping

The start of the new year marks the beginning of new resolutions, and these resolutions come in many forms depending on the individual. For many, this resolution is to lose weight, to travel more and to try new and exciting things, but have you ever thought about a New Year’s resolution that could help you both make a great impression and benefit your entire household? What we’re talking about here of course is finally getting around to giving the Utah landscapers at Mellco a call.

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to do something about that frightful lawn? There’s a good chance that you have probably looked out your window various times throughout the year and said, “I’ll get around to it next week,” but that day or week never comes. But this year should be different, this should be your year, no matter how cliché that sounds — 2019 should be the year that you finally do your landscaping!

If we haven’t yet convinced you to seek out the services of our talented Utah landscapers, don’t worry, we’re just getting started. Here are the various benefits that a successful landscaping project can bring you and your home.

Awesome Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home

Everyone is always talking about how important investing is, but has anyone ever told you that investing is so much more than just owning shares in companies and stocks? Possibly one of the largest investments that you can make is something that you might be sitting in as you read this blog post. Homeowners are basically sitting in gold mines, especially if you properly take care of your home, and our Utah landscapers can help you get started.

Installing permanent hardscapes like patios, large slab walk-ways, and rock retaining walls provide you with aesthetic value and help drive the monetary value of your home through the roof! Today, there are less homeowners and an increase in construction of townhomes and luxury apartments, so homes are becoming more of a scarcity. This is a good thing for homeowners, and if you’re thinking of selling your home one day, these hardscapes can up the value of your home by thousands.

2019 is the year that you accomplish two resolutions in one; get started on that landscaping project and increase your financial status. There really is no better way to do it.

Protection Against Wildfires

There is so much more to a well-maintained lawn than just aesthetic value. In especially dry and hot places, wildfires are a major threat to the communities that reside within them. A healthy lawn is essential in fire prevention, and things like trees, plants and grass fight pollution and can provide storm water control, as well as shelter for wildlife. A healthy lawn provides both protection and artistic value to your home.

By giving our Utah landscapers the green light this year, you’re going to enjoy a newfound sense of safety against things like wildfires, as well as an increased proudness when it comes to your lawn, backyard or pool area.

Why You Should Hire Mellco

Landscaping is not always easy, especially if you adding any new hardscape or top quality work — it might need professional help. Our talented Utah landscapers are available to help you create the most amazing hardscapes in the nation. We can do everything from walkways and staircases to pools and luscious waterfalls. Your house is something that you should be proud of and our Utah landscapers will make sure you get the look you want through our hard, unmatched work.

This is your year, so don’t take it for granted. Contact our talented Utah landscapers and let us help you bring your dream landscape design to life.