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What Trees are Best for Utah’s Climate?

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If you’re looking to enhance your landscape this summer, you’re going to want to start now! One way to really bring your yard to life this spring is by adding trees to your home. Trees not only contribute to your landscape’s aesthetic, but they can also provide you with a place to escape the scorching heat of the sun while still being outside. In Utah, there are some trees that are best suited to withstand the heat, and the Utah landscapers here at Mellco are here to help you find the best trees to plant to spruce up your yard.

The Best Trees to Plant in Utah

The Royal Empress Tree: When looking for trees that can withstand all of Utah’s wild seasons, you can’t go wrong with the royal empress tree. This tree is essentially indestructible and can withstand the coldest of Utah’s winters.

The Blue Spruce: The blue spruce is Utah’s state tree and features long, green-blue needles and light brown cones. These trees can get pretty big, anywhere from 25 to 98 feet to be exact, so you’ll need to have a large backyard to plant them. Your local Utah landscapers will be able to assess the size of your yard and let you know if you’ll have enough room for this tree.

The American Sycamore Tree: Another great option when it comes to strong trees is the American sycamore tree. This tree can grow up to over 100 feet, so you’ll definitely be able to utilize this tree to protect yourself against the sun’s rays. However, just like the blue spruce, you might need to talk with your Utah landscaper to see if it will be a good fit in your back or front yard.

Chinkapin Oak: This tree is both resilient and very attractive, which is ideal if you’re looking to plant something that can withstand storms. These trees can also grow about a foot a year.

The Golden Rain Tree: The golden rain tree is a medium-sized tree that looks best in the early fall, so it’s best to contact your local Utah landscapers to get started on planting one right away if you’re interested in this tree.

Lacebark Elm Trees: This tree comes to us all the way from Asia and is well-equipped to handle Utah’s dry and snowy climates. The lacebark elm is a beautiful tree that is resistant to pests and diseases, while also being able to withstand harsh climates and soil that lacks nutrients.

If you’re looking to plant a tree or two in your yard this spring, make sure to contact the Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping.