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What is Xeriscape?

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It might sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but xeriscaping is a landscaping process that is gaining popularity around the world. This landscaping technique originated in the 1980’s due to on-going, multi-year droughts that affected the Western United States. There are various landscaping techniques that Utah landscapers use to achieve high-quality outcomes when it comes to servicing a client’s outdoor living space, but this is perhaps one of the most beneficial ones to Utah residents. In this blog, we’re going to go into more depth about how a xeriscape design is achieved and how it can benefit your home.

Deciphering the Term “Xeriscape”

 The term xeriscape was coined and trademarked by Denver Water. They were the water department in the city of Denver, Colorado in the early 70’s and 80’s. This was a difficult period for the city, as they were experiencing a harsh drought. Let’s break down the meaning of this term. “Xeri” is the Latin word for dry, while scape means landscape or view. Put these two terms together, and you get, “dry landscape”. Some people have also named this landscaping philosophy “zero-scaping”. This is because you don’t use water often when it comes to maintaining it.

Utah landscapers have seen the wonders that a xeriscape design can do for a home, but there are people out there who may not know what this process entails. This can cause confusion and can lead to skeptics not wanting to give it a try. They might mistake the process as nothing more than adding rocks, cacti and tumbleweed to your living space.

However, Utah landscapers will tell you that xeriscape involves the use of native plants that can withstand extremely dry temperatures. There are endless possibilities that come with xeriscaping.

The Benefits of Xeriscape

Of course, this landscaping process comes with added benefits aside from just improving your home’s aesthetic. Those who decide to utilize a xeriscape design save money on maintenance. They also save on their water bill and help their community by utilizing less water. Xeriscape is a cost-effective, low maintenance option for those who are looking for something different.

If you’re interested in xeriscape design or you’re just looking to consult with Utah landscapers about reviving your outdoor living space, give us a call here at Mellco Landscaping.