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Three Tools You Need for DIY Landscaping Maintenance

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Keeping your lawn looking neat and maintained can be difficult if you don’t utilize the proper tools. If you’re looking to maintain your landscaper yourself instead of hiring your local Utah landscapers, there are three essential tools that you should have in your landscaping arsenal. The Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping have gone through various lists of equipment and narrowed it down to three necessary tools that you can get by with when it comes to DIY landscaping. Here are those three tools you need for DIY landscaping maintenance.


Premium pruners are vital if you have small trees and shrubbery in your yard that require constant care. Utah landscapers will advise you that you shouldn’t use scissors or limb cutters to trim a plant, as you can cause damage to your plants. Instead, invest in a pair of garden shears or quality pruners.


You’ve probably seen lawns where the edges are overgrowing onto the sidewalk, and you’ll probably agree with Utah landscapers that this doesn’t look good at all. An edger is crucial when It comes to keeping your lawn looking neat and trimmed.


A shovel is another critical tool that you’ll need to add to your landscape maintenance toolset. A towel can help you with various things, from planting trees and other plants to cleaning up things like gravel and even pulling out weeds.

When writing this blog, we read through lists that contained various different tools, but the three that we mentioned in this blog post are the most prominent tools you’ll find in landscaping. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the perfect tools for your DIY landscaping project, and If you have any other questions, check out some more blog posts on our site.