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The Best Trees to Plant in Utah

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Trees can provide your property with beauty, privacy and protection from the sun and others, something you might want during the summer. With the sun out all day and night throughout the summer, it is nice to take time away from work and chores and bask in the sunlight. However, with the powerful UV rays and the random passerby, your serene state of relaxation can be obstruction. However, with a few extra trees around the yard, you might be able to escape it all!

While trees might be your next best landscaping addition, how do you know which trees are best for your home, especially in our climate? Well, the Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping have compiled yet another list of some of the best trees to plant in your outdoor living space that will thrive here in Utah.

Here are some trees to consider planting to add life to your landscape.

Japanese Zelkova

The Japanese zelkova grows about two feet per year and offers an attractive vase-shape form, making it perfect for any urban or rural landscape. This tree is a site to behold during the fall, as the leaves turn yellow, orange, deep red and purplish red, providing you with an array of colors.

The Red Maple

The red maple team has a superb tolerance to varying soil types and conditions, making it a great option for any Utah landscape. The tree grows rather quickly, adding two feet per year. Utah landscapers will also tell you that these trees offer plentiful shade and leafstalks during the summer. In addition, they become a stunning red color in the fall.

Sawtooth Oaks

The wide-spreading foliage of the sawtooth oak tree will boost your property’s curb appeal significantly, giving you bright yellow leaves in the spring, magnificent greens in the summertime, and beautiful golden-brown leaves in the fall. Like the other trees, this one can grow up to two feet per year, making it another popular that Utah landscapers would recommend.

Northern Red Oak

If you’re looking to plant a tree in Northern Utah, your best option is going to be the northern red oak. These trees can grow more than two feet per year, and they’re well-suited for both urban and rural settings. It offers a beautiful spreading canopy and gives you some magnificent colors during the fall.

The Utah landscapers here at Mellco recommend these trees for your next landscape design, but the list goes on. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space this summer, give our talented Utah landscapers here at Mellco a call. We are ready to help you achieve your dream landscape design.