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Landscape Lighting Guide

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When you think of landscaping, one of the last aspects you think about is the lighting. Whether that is the case for you or not, light really does a lot more for the outdoor aesthetic of a home than people may think. It is one thing to have a home that looks nice in the sun, and another when you add the extra flare of lighting. Lit areas around your house at night give your home a sharp contrast against the night air. When people see homes with beautifully placed lighting, they feel more welcome and sometimes subconsciously esteem the home as a dignified residence.

In this blog we will tell you about several lighting options that Utah landscapers like to install to spruce up the detail of homes.

Garden Lights

Considering landscaping usually has to do more with your yard or garden, the first lighting installation we will discuss is garden lights. These lights can aim up or down to brighten up your plantlife after the sun goes down. Garden lights guide the eyes to portions of your garden and can highlight certain patches that you are especially proud of.

Path Lighting

Utah Landscapers and home builders usually include stone steps or walkways to guide visitors through certain areas of your yard or to an entry to your home, and extra lights are much appreciated at night. You may have lights that outline your driveway or dress one side of a short pathway.

Up Lighting

If you have trees throughout your yard, Up lighting can do a lot for you. Utah landscapers like to throw lights up the trunk of trees in order to create more depth in your yard. By exposing more space with light under trees, you give your yard more dimension and lengthen it with the pockets of light. With uplighting trees throughout your yard, you provide more safety as you will be able to see more of your yard.


Instead of highlighting trees, you can do the same thing by grazing various hardscape features you have spread around your house. Grazing does the same thing as uplighting but highlights the walls of your home, the archway you have along your pathway, the vine that wraps around a pillar, and so forth. These lights don’t necessarily have to shine up from the ground but can shine down from a fixture place above your hardscape. Installing this kind of fixture may not be your forte but there is nothing wrong with contacting Utah landscapers to help you.

Perfecting your outdoor lights throughout your yard can really make your home look better than it ever has. The process is not too difficult and the maintenance is rare in comparison to tending to your flowerbeds. If you are looking to install some lighting, be careful with where you aim your lights as your neighbors or drivers passing by your house may not appreciate a bright light shining through their window. For the best result, hire the best landscapers Utah has to offer by hiring us, Mellco Landscaping.