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How to Reopen Your Pool for the Spring

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As the weather finally starts to warm up, everyone is ready to go jump back into a refreshing swimming pool. There are a few important steps pool builders suggest you follow as you reopen your pool for the spring. To make sure it is just right for all your spring and summer activities, you have to make sure it is entirely filled, clean, in good condition, and safe. So while you are daydreaming about all your summer barbecues and pool parties, make sure you remember these tips before you reopen your pool.

Don’t Drain It

There is a common misconception that the only way to truly clean a pool is to drain your pool, when, in reality, draining your pool every year can actually cause some problems. Draining a pool can sometimes cause it to pop out of the ground or crack in certain areas. The chemicals, underwater vacuums and pool equipment are sufficient enough to successfully clean your pool after the long winter. If you do feel like you need to drain your pool for another reason, contact your pool builders to come check it out and help you.

Cleaning Your Pool Equipment

Before you start cleaning the inside of your pool, you need to check up on all your pool equipment. Clean your filters and replace any damaged or broken parts that have been beaten down over the winter. Remove plugs, clean out the baskets, clean off your cover, and then begin to top your water level off. Once you have the filter cleaned and all put together, begin running your chemicals through the filters and start cleaning the pool. If you are having some kind of problem you can’t resolve, contact your pool builders to come help you.

Water Checkup

Pool builders know this step is critical to the safety and balance of your pool. Call a professional to come test your water; your pool builder will check chlorine levels, as well as check for mineral content, alkalinity, and your pools pH balance. This full analysis will help you balance your chemicals properly.

Physical Cleaning

Now we are to the stage where the vacuum comes in handy. Use your pool vacuum to pick up any bugs, leaves and other debris that fell to the bottom of your pool throughout winter. Once you pick everything up, scrub down the walls as well. This may seem quite a bit of labor, but utilize your pool-anxious kids to help you with the project.

Once you have taken these steps, you are set to start your spring pool fun. Contact your local pool builders as well for any additional information or to have them come fast track your reopening process.