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How to Conceal Pool Equipment with Clever Landscaping

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The combination of a sparkling swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful landscape is one of the most serene outdoor spaces you can create. There is just something relaxing about being around water, especially when it’s right in your backyard. However, what you probably don’t realize is that swimming pools come with a lot of equipment. You usually don’t see this equipment because it is hidden by other landscaping features.

Utah landscapers have to get creative when figuring out where to place a swimming pool and how to hide all the equipment. Here are a few ideas on how you can conceal your pool equipment with some clever landscape designs.

Tall Grasses

Tall grasses are easy to maintain and are big enough to cover up large pool heaters and any other pool equipment. A Utah landscaper can help you figure out what grasses will thrive in your climate. In addition, if you build a low and tight fence around the equipment, it can mask some of the noise that pool heaters and pumps make. Then, your tall grass can cover both the equipment and the fence.


If grasses aren’t your thing or you are wanting some variety of plants in your yard, big bushes are another great option to mask pool equipment. Bushes can be bigger than tall grasses and will add some density to your landscape. You can plant bushes in some beds, or in planters to add a bit more style. However, some bushes can get messy and deposit debris in your pool. A Utah landscaper can help you find some bushes that are easy to maintain and won’t make a mess of your yard and pool.

Sculpt Hills

By creating some small hills or raised flower beds, you can create some height and depth in your yard, as well as conceal pool equipment. You can fill these raised beds with flowers or those tall bushes and grasses. Not only will small hills hide the equipment, but they will also deflect any noise coming from the equipment. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is to not overcrowd the pool equipment. Although you want to cover the equipment, if you overwhelm the space, then you might have problems when trying to do any pool maintenance.

Create Enclosures

Enclosures will both block the sound and the sight of your equipment. Although you can make a cheap enclosure and cover it with plants, you can also get creative with your enclosure. You can tie your pool design and enclosure together, giving your outdoor space a great aesthetic. Try adding a dark wood enclosure for a modern touch, or even a nice looking shed that matches the color of your house.

Pool equipment is essential if you are planning to add a pool to your backyard, so make sure you have space for both the equipment and your pool. If you are in the process of building your pool, seek the help of a Utah landscaper to know how to best conceal the equipment and create a relaxing, beautiful backyard.