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Five Simple Ways to Transform Your Yard

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No matter who you are, there are always reasons to transform your yard. It would seem as if there are three types of people when it comes to doing yard work — people who love it, people who do it, and people who never do it — and each one of these types can find reason to transform their yard. If you love doing yard work, then you probably like experimenting with new ideas; if you are someone who simply gets the work done, then you might want to try something new; if you hate yard work and never do it, then you might want to make your yard look better and find more ways to enjoy it!

With the spring and summer making their return in the next couple months, here are five of the most simple ways the best Utah landscapers can transform your yard.

New Flowers and Plants

Year after year people stick to what they have always done because it is what they are most comfortable with. With planting flowers, fruits, shrubs or vegetable patches, you may stick to making the same purchases and planting the same plants. One of the easiest ways to change things up is by picking new plants and flowers and placing them in new spots. Think about it, if a Utah landscaper came to take over the maintenance at your house, you’d see different plants in different locations.

Plant in Masses

After you’ve used some new plant and implemented changes to your plant placement, don’t be afraid to really pack in certain areas instead of keeping everything spread apart. You will want to keep your color coordination balanced in order to have an organized wave of color. If you are not selective in what plants and flowers you select for the masses, you might end up with random pops of color and textures that don’t fit in.

Define Your Edges

Apart of any transformation is simply making sure that what you’ve done will stick out, and you can emphasize the change in your plants by sharpening the edges of your flower beds. To do it as the best Utah landscapers do, use clean cut pavers to form proper borders around your flower beds. You might also consider laying down some kind of concrete to create a solid border if you do not already have any.


In addition to adding discrete concrete borders, you may want to add some walkways to your garden to provide you with easier access to certain areas and to create a flow to your outdoor space. Walkways give your yard more texture as you might be able to use concrete, brick, stone, rocks and more as steps. With bigger yards and bigger gardens, the professional Utah landscapers look to find great areas to place these all the time.


After you’ve created a new look to your yard, it’s time to display your masterpiece, and a little bit a light can do the trick! When you add lighting to different areas of your garden, your plants, bushes, trees and flowers will literally shine! If you have done a really good job with your yard, lights really give that next-level look to the aesthetic of the outside of your home.

These fives tips are just some of the many ways you can transform your yard. If you truly want to enhance the look of your yard, turn to the best landscapers Utah has to offer, Mellco Landscaping! We’ll work with you and find what will make your house look outstanding all summer long!