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Building an Outdoor Fire Pit You’ll Love

From time immemorial, humans have gathered around warm, crackling fire pits to socialize, cook food, and gaze dreamily into the mysterious shapes of flames dancing over blazing embers. Though most of us no longer rely upon open flames for warmth and survival, we’ve maintained that ancestral affinity for kicking up our heels next to a cozy fireside. Indeed, who doesn’t have fond memories of roasting marshmallows, singing to the rustic twang of an acoustic guitar, or sharing stories with family and friends, all within the comforting glow of a campfire? Fire pits simply make our outdoor experiences more fun and memorable. The scent of boiling sap, the intense light and warmth of the flames, the hiss and pop of burning logs, perhaps even the sting of wood smoke in the eyes – such sensations awaken something elemental within us, and  bring the natural world to the forefront of our senses.

How Fire Pits Enhance an Outdoor Living Space

For homeowners who want to recreate that natural ambiance right in their backyard, an outdoor fire pit is an essential aspect of their landscape design. For one, a beautifully constructed fire pit adds architectural appeal to any outdoor space, and professionals can design a pit to complement the natural features of any yard. Such aesthetic enhancement facilitates enjoyable conversation, strengthens a homeowner’s feelings of natural connectedness with their outdoor living space, and increases a home’s overall value.

Furthermore, an outdoor fire pit creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that transforms a yard or patio into a perfect space to entertain family and friends. Kids will love cooking hot dogs and making s’mores, and adults will relish the opportunity to relax by the fireside after a long day. More than any other amenity, an outdoor fire pit allows homeowners to recreate those joyful camping experiences as everybody congregates around the fire late into the night.

And there’s no need to move the entertainment indoors when nights get chilly. Whether hosting a party or snuggling with a loved-one under a starlit sky, an outdoor fire pit will provide the warmth and light necessary to lengthen time spent outdoors during colder seasons.

What to Consider When Planning Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits should supplement a larger landscape design, and thus their materials, colors, and textures should match those of a house, garden, and other landscape features. Fire pits also work best when incorporated into a patio or sitting area. Attractive, comfortable chairs work well when a variety of seating arrangements are desired. Stone benches or walls with built-in seating that surround the fire are also great options, and can provide a more naturalistic look.

Fire pits must also be proportional to a yard’s overall size. Although fire pits with cozy seating arrangements can serve as attractive centerpieces, they shouldn’t overwhelm an outdoor living space. Remember, the goal is to implement a beautiful fire feature that contributes to a seamless, naturalistic outdoor environment.

Distance from the house is also an important consideration. For one, you want enough room around the fire pit for walking space and comfortable seating. And more importantly, if a fire pit is built too close to flammable structures, the risk of starting unwanted fires outside of the pit increases.

Wood and gas-burning fire pits are the most common types, so you have to decide which type you prefer. Wood-burning pits might create larger, brighter flames and provide that true outdoor smell, but also require a steady supply of firewood. You will also be left with a pile of ashes to clean up when the fire dies out. Additionally, wood-burning pits might require a screen of some type to prevent hot embers from popping out of the pit. With a gas-burning fire pit, you’ll avoid the downsides of a wood-burning pit. Since they run on natural gas, you won’t have to worry about stocking up on combustible material or cleaning up ashes or residue. And, gas burns much cleaner than wood, so you can avoid the smoke and dust of traditional campfires. Gas-fired pits can also accommodate a larger variety of designs. Stone, brick, and even fire glass can be used in a plethora of ways to give your gas-fired pit a completely unique look.

If you’re ready to transform your yard into a tranquil retreat where people can come together to share good food, good vibes, and create lasting memories in the warmth and glow of one of nature’s most impressive elements, Mellco Landscaping is ready to design and build your perfect outdoor fire pit. They have decades of experience to guide their choice of materials, ensuring that your fire pit will fit the milieu of your landscape beautifully. Their skilled artisans will fabricate fully custom features – such as unique burner rings or line burners – to accommodate any shape or size of fire pit that you require. And with Mellco Landscaping, you can rest assured that your fire pit will be constructed in the safest, most durable way possible. So tap into your ancestral desire for open flames, and let Mellco Landscaping provide you with a custom fire pit that will enhance your outdoor living for years to come.