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5 Fun Things to Add to Your Backyard for Your Kids

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As we get closer to summer, people around the nation are preparing their landscapes for summer. While it’s important to get your outdoor living space cleaned up and ready for hosting guests and family, you should also take into account your children if you have a family. Kids need to play outside, and if you invest in hiring local Utah landscapers to install some fun additions for your kids to play on, you’ll be increasing the value of your home while adding value to their summer.

So, while you might be at a loss as to what you can possibly add to your landscape that your children will be able to utilize, here are some suggestions.

A Swimming Pool

Perhaps the most obvious and popular additions come in the form of a simple swimming pool. You can opt for a temporary, inflatable pool, or you can hire pool builders to install an in-ground swimming pool for you and your family. These pools will add value to your home and provide a cool escape for your children during the long hot summer days.

A Treehouse

This is another classic addition, albeit one that will require some work if you want to ensure that it’s both safe and something that your children will enjoy. This is oftentimes more of a DIY project, so hiring our Utah landscapers is best reserved for more advanced projects. However, if you ever have any landscaping questions regarding the construction of a DIY addition, you can always check out our blog or give us a call.

Rock Climbing Walls

This isn’t a simple project by any means, but it’s a unique one. Rock climbing walls are both a great way for kids to have fun and to get exercise. The rarity of a rock climbing wall will be a hit for your kids and any of their friends and your neighbors.

A Zip Line

Again, this is another uncommon landscape addition, but it’s one that goes great accompanied with a treehouse. Zip lines are a more unique counterpart to everyday slides, and adding it as an exit option for your children leaving their treehouse will leave them feeling as if they’re action heroes. Of course, you might have to consult with your local Utah landscapers for any safety questions you may have before setting up a zip line.

In-Ground Trampolines

We’re ending the list with a simple, traditional in-ground trampoline. You’ll need the help of our Utah landscapers in terms of digging, but these trampolines are safer alternatives to traditional trampolines, as they’re ground level and therefore reduce the risks of larger falls.

These landscape additions are the perfect way to create an outdoor living space that your children can enjoy this summer. If you’re in need of professional landscaping help when it comes to preparing your landscape for any of these additions, contact our professional Utah landscapers here at Mellco.