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5 Biggest Mistakes When Hiring a Pool Builder

Building a pool is a big decision. Who to hire, what it should look like and how to learn to care for it are just a few of the many questions people hiring pool builders may be struggling with. There are however a lot of mistakes these people seem to make time and time again. We are going to talk about the five biggest mistakes made when hiring pool builders. 


When you finally decide to seal the deal and start building your pool, your mind can be pretty focused on the pool and the pool only. It can be hard to think about how the pool will impact the rest of your yard. One big mistakes pool builders often have to warn clients about is forgetting to leave space for things like patios and entertainment places. What a disappointment to finally have your pool be complete and only then realizing you have no room for chairs or the barbecue you bought. 


Another huge mistake a lot of people buying a pool make is not asking the pool builders enough questions. Do your research ahead of time so you know exactly what you are going to need to ask the builders. Don’t worry about asking too many questions, it will only benefit you at the end of it. Skilled pool builders are experts and will know how to handle all situations to best help you.

Read the Contract

One of the easiest ways to make sure you are getting the pool you want the way you want it is to read the contract carefully. The contract should protect both you and the pool builders. It’ll ensure you both are on the same page of what is going to be happening and to help make certain your expectations align. Though it seems like a small and pretty boring step, it can spare you from being stuck in a bad contract. Sometimes the most important things are the small things, so make sure to read your contract. 


Another mistake people make when building a pool is not hiring landscapers. Pool builders alone know how to install a pool, and very well at that, however, they don’t always know how to make yard and the pool blend together seamlessly. Landscapers that also know how to install quality pools, like the pool builders we have here at Odyssey Pools, will have your yard looking like it came straight out of your dreams! 

Past Work

Another really easy thing you can do to help ensure you get the results you want is to check and see if their past work is similar to what you want. You can check out our past work here. Checking out a variety of different companies work is a great way to an idea of what you want. Pool builders will know how to incorporate parts of other pools that you like while creating new and unique ideas for your yard at the same time.

If you are in need of a landscape team to come in and build you your dream pool, contact our pool builders here at Odyssey Pools today.