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November 2018

Plants that Withstand the Winter Months

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Winter comes whether we want it to or not. Temperatures drop, the sun sets earlier, and snow starts to fall. Just because the grass is dying doesn’t mean your yard has to suffer. Here are a few of our favorite plants that withstand the winter months and will keep your yard looking sharp.

Blue Spruce

This is one of the best winter plants available, hence the reason landscapers tend to recommend them for Utah yards. Not only do these trees look magical with snow on them, but they also withstand the cold temperatures. They practically look the same throughout every seasons, which helps give your yard consistency.


Peonies are another plant a lot of landscapers will recommend because they withstand the cold weather phenomenally. Though they don’t stay bright and fragrant during the cold, they are one of the few plants that pop right back to life in the spring. A lot of plants will die and not re-blossom in the spring, but peonies act as if the cold winter never happened.


Camellias may be a less well-known plant, but that doesn’t mean it is any less effective in staying alive during winter. In fact, Camellias are one of the few flowers that will keep their vibrant colors throughout winter. What more could you want for your winter yard than a vibrant colorful flower?

English Primrose

Landscapers all over recommend this classic flower for winter. These flowers come in almost every color and they bloom in the winter. They are a great way to keep some cheery color in your yard or garden during the depressing grey season.


Another great winter flower landscapers tend to reach for are pansies. Like the English Primrose, they come in a ton of different colors, and there are even flowers with multiple different colors on them. These flowers bloom for a really long time, lasting throughout most of the winter season.

Winter Jasmine

Ok, stick with us on this one. Though these tiny flowers don’t have a fragrance, they are worth investing in. They are one of few flowers that can and will stay alive under snow. You heard that right, these flowers will stay alive and colorful even when they are covered in snow. It’s no wonder landscapers all over cold climate states recommend these hidden treasures to people.


Hellebore flowers are actually nicknamed the “Christmas Rose” for the way they survive so well during the winter months. These delicate flowers survive so well because of their deep root system, helping to keep them blooming and beautiful throughout the cold.

These are just a few of the many options you have for winter plants. Talk to your landscaper about which winter plants would look and work best in your yard or garden. If you are looking for landscapers, contact us here at Mellco Landscaping today!


Designing Your Outdoor Spa

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If there’s one thing better than a swimming pool…it’s a spa.  Outdoor spas are enjoyed by children and adults alike, and can often be used during both the winter and the summer.  If you’re thinking about constructing a backyard pool, you might also want to consider asking your pool builders to add an outdoor spa.  The addition of an outdoor spa to your backyard may be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for to complete your dream backyard.  As you move forward with designing your outdoor spa, there are several things you’ll want to consider.  There are a lot of decision to make when you consider getting a spa, such as whether you want an in-ground or above ground spa, what tiling you would like, and much more!  Luckily, we’ve compiled a few answers to these questions to help you design your outdoor spa!

Deciding on an In-Ground Spa or an Aboveground Spa

If you’re in the process of building a pool in your backyard, then it may make the most economic sense to add an in-ground spa. Since your yard will already be torn up, it will be easy for the pool builders to add the construction of a spa. In-ground spas correlate more directly with the pool.  You can customize your glass and tiling to make the spa as extravagant or as simple as you’d like.  Often times, people spice up their spa by connecting it to their pool via a waterfall or some other extravagant water feature.  Because of the many add ons, in-ground spas can end up being rather expensive.  However, it’s beauty and functionality often make it worth the price.

A cheaper alternative to an in-ground spa is an above ground spa.  Aboveground spas are easier to set up and can be transported if you ever decide to move.  It’s significantly easier to incorporate jets or other features into these free-standing tubs.  There are spas with customizable lighting and some others that allow you to add speakers.  To install an aboveground spa, you will need to find even, sturdy ground that can hold the weight of such an amenity.  Most decks and patios are not equipped to hold such weight.  Most pool builders recommend building an aboveground spa on solid concrete!


Whether you decide to build an in-ground or aboveground spa, you will want to ask your pool builders about maintenance.  Aboveground and in-ground spas will need to be treated and cleaned differently.  Since a spa includes high-temperature water, you will need to adamantly stay on top of chemical maintenance.  You must carefully and consistently check the pH.  Luckily, you will spend less money on chemicals since spas hold a smaller amount of water than pools.  Furthermore, spa water is easy to replace if you make a mistake.


Adding a spa to your yard can greatly enhance the aesthetic nature of your backyard.  Spas are enjoyed by people of all ages and could be the finishing touch that your backyard is missing.  As you move forward building a spa, be sure to ask your pool builders what kind of spa is best for you.  Aboveground and in-ground spas have different requirements and each gives a different look to your yard.  For help building and learning how to maintain a spa, contact the experts at Odyssey Pools.  We are eager to assist you in making your dream backyard a reality!

How to Landscape Without Grass

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With the numerous interesting varieties of landscaping designs available, you should not worry if you do not have grass in your yard, garden, or around your home. Landscaping without grass makes you spend more quality time during summer afternoons as you will be out relaxing with your family and friends rather than mowing your lawn.

Below are some interesting ideas that can help you achieve a no-mow backyard. Our landscapers can help you create your backyard a centerpiece for family fun.

Transform Part of Your Backyard into a Luxurious Swimming Pool

Did you know that you can transform your backyard (even if it is small) to feel like a luxurious resort? Our professional landscapers can help you replace your small patch of lawn with a beautifully designed irregular-shaped in-ground swimming pool. The design can be in a way that it ties together a couple of small entertainment areas within the backyard.

Pave with Stone

If you scantily clear a weedy lawn and replace it with an irregular paving stones, setting them into the ground like puzzle pieces, you are likely to achieve a gorgeous patio. To make the design more beautiful, you should ensure that the spaces between the stones are occupied by creeping plants, which take a light foot traffic. The spaces can then be filled with weeds that try germinating between the cracks. In addition to the aesthetic appeal that such a design gives, creeping plants, such as thyme and Corsican mint release a delightful fragrance when touched, thereby improving your outdoor experience. To achieve the best design, you need to consult a landscaper.

Tear Up Your Turf

You can beautify a section of your backyard by tearing up your turf and adding a large flagstone patio for gatherings and entertainment outdoors. It will be easy for you to tame the few small strips of lawn that remain.

Carve a Slope

Mowing can be somewhat challenging on a sloping backyard. Therefore, a landscaper can help you create a sunken brick patio. You need to incorporate a stone-retaining wall to keep the slope in place and offer overflow seating when you have guests. A properly designed stone-retaining wall will also make the yard more appealing. For the best designs, do not hesitate to contact us as our professional landscapers are always ready to help.

If you do not have grass in your lawn, spend your creative time or call a landscaper to help you transform your outdoors.