Complete Landscaping

bartner_jobMellco Landscaping offers full, custom landscaping and installation. Our goal is to build a space that homeowners want to spend time in, whether at the bar of an outdoor kitchen, relaxing next to a moving stream, sitting around a fire pit or reading a book on a patio. When a space becomes a large part of the homeowners’ lifestyle,  we have successfully done our job.
By carefully working with our clients on a daily basis, we can ensure the most efficiency of time, budget and quality seen through to completion. We pride ourselves for creativity, attention to detail and our ability to see our client’s vision through to the finished product.

Below are more details of the services that we provide.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting_0737_02When the sun sets in the evening your outdoor masterpiece can still remain functional and on display. Today’s landscape lighting technology has come a long way and we have a lot of unique options to illuminate your outdoor space and put it all on display. Landscape lighting will spotlight your yards best features and highlight your home’s architectural lines, keeping the ambiance and functionality of your great outdoor space at night.

Large Slab Walk-Ways

mellco_landscap_lighting_003There’s nothing like the beauty and longevity of real rock and blending them into your stairways and walk-ways is a sure way to bring out the natural beauty of your landscaping. Creative usage of rock slab and rock step materials can make the difference between an average landscape and an extraordinary one. With all the many choices, sizes and colors of rock products available Mellco Landscaping can design and custom fit the perfect “real” rock slabs or stairs to any landscape project big or small.

Pavers and Hardscapes

image015For driveways, walkways and patios nothing matches the rugged natural look of paving stones. Mellco Landscaping can boost the curb appeal of your home with the warm welcoming look of pavers. We can create a fire pit that will host many hours of quality time spent with your loved ones or accent any pathway or patio with a long-lasting, low-maintenance cobble stone or paver surface that will stand up to any amount of traffic.

Swimming Pools & Spas

IMG_0511A custom Mellco swimming pool is a big investment in your family. A backyard playground for many memories of entertaining, relaxation, special occasions and summer fun with your loved ones! When homeowners don’t have the time or space for a pool — a relaxing low maintenance spa makes a perfect outdoor escape. Mellco Landscaping, along with their sister company Odyssey Pools is Utah’s leader in designing and building pools and spas. We can turn your dream into reality.

Rock Retaining Walls

025If your outdoor space has steep slopes it can sometimes be a challenge to retain that space. Mellco Landscaping has many years of experience in building safe, long lasting rock retaining walls. In most cases we can even incorporate some unique features into a slope where otherwise might be viewed as unusable space. Many homes along the Wasatch front have some sort of slope or varied elevations to their yard. Weather your outdoor space is full of slopes or you just want to add some dimension to a level grade Mellco Landscaping is ready for the challenge.

Water Features

019Water features are the perfect way to balance your outdoor environment. Creating the dramatic sounds of the flow of water as it splits through channels and cascades over different rocks. We can transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful, transcending space where you can relax, and make memories with family and friends. From vanishing-edge ponds to trickling fountains and running streams, Mellco Landscaping can bring your backyard to life with the sights and sounds of natural moving water.