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The Various Artificial Grass Options

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It may not seem like it, but there are several different options when it comes to artificial turf. Natural grass is hard to beat, but when you want to build something that requires little maintenance and still provides your outdoor living space with outstanding beauty, turf is the next best thing. But ultimately, when it comes down to it, you’re going to have to decide on what kind of material you’ll want to use for your artificial grass.

You might be surprised to know that there are several options for you to choose from, and Utah landscapers from Mellco can help you decide what’s best for your landscape design. They will also explain the difference between the various materials your design requires. Here are the different artificial grass options to choose from when making the switch to turf.

Nylon Turf

Nylon turf is the strongest type of artificial grass that you can buy, being able to withstand heavyweight and high temperatures. The best thing about nylon grass is that you don’t have to worry about it losing its original shape. Utah landscapers will tell you that one of the only cons that come with nylon grass is the fact that it is also the most expensive option on the market. Another thing to keep in mind is that nylon turf won’t feel natural — since it’s designed to be strong, it feels rather stiff.

Polyethylene Turf

If you’re looking for a more natural look and feel, polyethylene turf might be the best option for you. This type of grass is most commonly installed in homes as well as athletic fields due to its bright green color and soft texture. If you’re worried about its durability, Utah landscapers will tell you that this turf still holds up fairly well. Another plus to polyethylene turf is that it doesn’t retain odors like nylon grass does, making it an essential for pet owners.

Polypropylene Turf

This option is the most affordable, however, you’re going to have to deal with the short life span of polypropylene turf. Utah landscapers will warn you that while you might be on a budget, this turf won’t be able to withstand high temperatures or the pressure of things like people and objects on it; you’ll quickly start to see a decline in quality when it comes to this turf. It’s recommended that you invest in one of the first two options, if not, you may have to redesign your landscape in the event of the turf becoming damaged.

As you can see, you have three major options when it comes to artificial grass, and the Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping will help you pick out the best one for you.

Why You Need a Landscaper

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While you might have plans to vamp up your outdoor living space, sometimes life happens. whether that be a busy schedule or the infamous loss of motivation, taking landscaping into your own hands may not always be possible, which is why the help of your local Utah landscapers becomes a necessity. Landscapers not only take the workload that comes with landscaping off your plate but they also ensure that your vision comes to life as accurately and as elegantly as possible.

So, aside from the stress relief and knowing that your landscape design is in the hands of capable Utah landscapers, what other benefits come from hiring a landscaper? Here are a few more reasons as to why you’ll need a landscaping professional to work on your outdoor living space.

Experience is Everything

The Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping know how to plant foliage correctly, how to install certain landscape features and what the best tools for the job are. Without the necessary expertise, you could find yourself lost when it comes down to where to start on your project. Landscapers have years of experience and this is crucial in creating a landscape design that you can be proud of.

It Will Save You Money

Unless you’re into landscaping, you might not have the necessary tools to create your dream yard. The tools that Utah landscapers use can get expensive and if you aren’t prepared with the proper materials, you might end up paying more for those than the actual process of redesigning your landscape. In comparison, the cost of hiring your local Utah landscapers is going to be cheaper than trying to round up all the materials yourself.

They Use High-Quality Materials

If you choose to landscape on your own, you might opt to get the cheapest materials possible to help you save money. But this could end up in landscaping tragedy, as low-quality equipment could lead to a subpar outcome, meaning that, apart from the money you’ve already spent on both the equipment and process, you’ll have to hire a landscaper anyways to fix your mistakes.

The professional Utah landscapers at Mellco Landscaping use quality equipment that won’t ruin your landscape design, so you’ll ultimately be better off hiring a landscaper instead of using low-quality equipment.

Hiring a professional landscaper to help you realize your outdoor living space dreams is the best way to achieve a quality final product. If you’re looking to upgrade your landscape design this summer, contact the professional Utah landscapers her at Mellco Landscaping. We’re ready to help you bring your vision to life.

The Best Trees to Plant in Utah

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Trees can provide your property with beauty, privacy and protection from the sun and others, something you might want during the summer. With the sun out all day and night throughout the summer, it is nice to take time away from work and chores and bask in the sunlight. However, with the powerful UV rays and the random passerby, your serene state of relaxation can be obstruction. However, with a few extra trees around the yard, you might be able to escape it all!

While trees might be your next best landscaping addition, how do you know which trees are best for your home, especially in our climate? Well, the Utah landscapers here at Mellco Landscaping have compiled yet another list of some of the best trees to plant in your outdoor living space that will thrive here in Utah.

Here are some trees to consider planting to add life to your landscape.

Japanese Zelkova

The Japanese zelkova grows about two feet per year and offers an attractive vase-shape form, making it perfect for any urban or rural landscape. This tree is a site to behold during the fall, as the leaves turn yellow, orange, deep red and purplish red, providing you with an array of colors.

The Red Maple

The red maple team has a superb tolerance to varying soil types and conditions, making it a great option for any Utah landscape. The tree grows rather quickly, adding two feet per year. Utah landscapers will also tell you that these trees offer plentiful shade and leafstalks during the summer. In addition, they become a stunning red color in the fall.

Sawtooth Oaks

The wide-spreading foliage of the sawtooth oak tree will boost your property’s curb appeal significantly, giving you bright yellow leaves in the spring, magnificent greens in the summertime, and beautiful golden-brown leaves in the fall. Like the other trees, this one can grow up to two feet per year, making it another popular that Utah landscapers would recommend.

Northern Red Oak

If you’re looking to plant a tree in Northern Utah, your best option is going to be the northern red oak. These trees can grow more than two feet per year, and they’re well-suited for both urban and rural settings. It offers a beautiful spreading canopy and gives you some magnificent colors during the fall.

The Utah landscapers here at Mellco recommend these trees for your next landscape design, but the list goes on. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space this summer, give our talented Utah landscapers here at Mellco a call. We are ready to help you achieve your dream landscape design.

Celebrity Landscapes to Inspire You

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When trying to figure out the best way to make your outdoor living space stand out this summer, you might fall into episodes of procrastination and go through spells where you lose motivation. Whether this happens due to financial worry or the stress of figuring out where to start, you shouldn’t give up on your landscape design so easily.

If you start to lose motivation and you’re having second thoughts about calling your local Utah landscapers, you might want to go online and take a look at some of the most magnificent landscape designs out there to get the creativity flowing. We here at Mellco have done research on some of the most decorated homes in Hollywood that are sure to give you some inspiration. From Julia Moore to Reese Witherspoon, these Hollywood stars have stunning outdoor living spaces. Hopefully, you can draw inspiration from some of your favorite actors.

Reese Witherspoon’s Luscious Patio Garden

Floral elements and vines are just some of the points of interest in Reese Witherspoon’s garden patio. She has managed to make great use of her home’s walls by using them as a backdrop for the vines and flowers, creating a natural atmosphere and adding to the outdoor element. Her patio is also equipped with a cozy outdoor dining set, perfect for entertainment and outdoor dining. The key thing to take away from Witherspoon’s landscape design is to make use of everything; from your home’s walls to the flooring, nothing is off limits.

Nichole Richie’s Warm-Welcoming Patio

Nicole Richie makes great use of lighting throughout her patio, combining sophistication and comfort to create the perfect backyard retreat. Her patio comes equipped with multi-stone level flooring to create the illusion of more room, and warm lighting to make the patio as comforting as possible. There is also a pool, which helps create an immersive, romantic feel.

Utah landscapers will tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, and Richie’s home is a great example of how different styles can combine to create something magnificent. 

Johnny Depp’s City Landscape

You don’t need acres of land to create a stunning landscape design, and Johnny Depp’s city patio is another great example to look at. His condensed landscaping space shows how you can make something beautiful work, no matter how much room you may or may not have. This New York estate, once shared by Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, is decorated with lush vegetation, making it stand out in a sea of urban and concrete living.

Julia Moore’s “Forest” Design

If you’re looking for more natural inspiration, Julia Moore’s garden retreat is the best reference to look at. She has utilized rich foliage and manufactured structures to give her landscape a sense of privacy and elegance. Looking at this, you might feel as if you’ve stumbled upon an abandoned ancient structure in the middle of a dense forest.

It doesn’t take fame and millions of dollars to come up with a creative landscape design. If you really commit, you too can create a landscape as stunning as the ones we’ve covered today. Give the Utah landscapers here at Mellco a call if you’re ready to break that creative slump and get started on reimagining your outdoor living space.

Making Upgrades to Your Pool

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With each summer comes the excitement of reopening your pool, but after a while, you might feel like you need something else! While you might not know yet, what you might be feeling is an itch to add another feature or upgrade a specific portion of your pool. No matter where you live, there are proficient pool builders that can help you add on or fix up just about anything you need!

We’ve compiled some of the best add-ons and renovations for anyone that is looking to change up their current pool design.


Pumps, Filters and Systems – The first thing that needs to be taken care of before you are ready for any aesthetic touch-ups and/or add-ons is the pool’s overall system. This means fixing up and replacing filters, cartridges, pumps, sanitation systems and anything else that keeps the pool functioning properly.

Pool Decks – With a lot of pool splashing and outdoor weather taking its toll, your pool deck area might have cracks or uneven levels. In order to keep pool users and the integrity of the pool safe, you should consider making repairs to the pool’s deck area. While you’re at it, you can make the renovation a little fun and change from basic concrete to stamp crete or paver patterns.

Vinyl – If the vinyl is damaged, you might face problems that requires repairs. You do not want your pool leaking or there to be soft spots in the liner. It can be hard to find small tears or other vinyl damage, but a pool builder should be able to help if you feel like there might be a problem. Vinyl isn’t something that you only consider changing if there is a problem, but a nice change up if you are wanting a new aesthetic, especially if your vinyl is stained or getting old.


Spa – If you don’t already have one and if your pool isn’t heated to a high degree, an additional spa can be great for dips in the night or during colder weather. Pool builders can construct in-ground hot tubes or help you place an above-ground one where you want it.

Slides and Diving Boards – If you don’t already have one of these two options and you often have kids and young adults swimming in your pool, it’s almost a must to add on.

Water Features – simple or complex fountains or a running stream will add an extra dimension of beauty to any pool. If you want to change add more to your aesthetic, consider this.

Fire Features – There are a lot of fire pits that accompany pools because they are a simple yet wonderful contrasting outdoor feature. Whether it’s in-ground or lifted, far from or close to the pool, fires are great with a pool.

Lighting – You may not have the largest budget or you may already love your pool’s current design and features, but a simple change to the light in or around your pool might be all you need.

Pool Shapes – While you won’t be able to change your pools shape entirely, you might be able to adjust it a little. However, you will need to discuss it will your pool builders to understand their full abilities.

The ideas we’ve shared are just a few of the many things you can do to upgrade your pool. There are a lot more designs and landscaping ideas that you could also consider. For more ideas and to hear more about any of the ideas above, call your pool builders today!